Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas on Purpose: make family time

Get out the calendar.  Grab a pen.  Find a blank spot.  Mark it “Family Time.”  Repeat as necessary.
family shoot blog
Because you want to spend Christmas time with the people you love most.  So do I. 
family shoot blog 03
But a lot of times family times gets set on the back burner for other things.  Things that are important too, but maybe not the most important.
family shoot blog 06
I guess I’m reminding myself, and you, not to over commit too much this time of year.  It’s easy to let the time get filled up. 
family shoot blog 07
But I know I want time with these guys to make cookies and watch Christmas movies, and hopefully to play in the snow. 
Side note here, dear God, please bring us snow.  Amen.
Part of doing Christmas on purpose is being intentional about doing what I think is most important, so I am making sure that I get family time in.  And as hard as it is, it means I say to no to some things too.  And that’s okay.  I want to have time to build memories, time to build traditions. 
(And as you might have guessed, I wanted an opportunity to show you our recent family pictures that my sister took over Thanksgiving weekend, I love how they turned out.  And they make a lovely Christmas card that I quickly ordered up from Costco.  Imagine my disappointment today when I picked them up and realized I had spelled our last name wrong.  Really? 
Thankfully, they’ll let me swap them out.  I love you Costco.  Thank you for saving Christmas.)


  1. First of all, scheduling the family time. Hooray for that! Second, your family pics are amazing. Please tell me you are going to print/frame somewhere. Finally, I love Costco too. Especially the samples. :) Can't wait for your post this afternoon. :) xoxo

  2. family time is at the top of my list a favorite thing about christmas. a break from school and time to be more intentional about each other.

    lovely pix!

    costco is too nice. that is why they have my business. i NEED too nice.

  3. just had to say that making family time for me this month has not been simple because our culture doesn't get it. i've made two people mad in the last week because they want what i'm not willing to give up right now, namely my children. playdates and cub scouts and all else are off the list until 2012 because we were getting just a little hurried around here.


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