Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas on Purpose: no new décor & a home tour

Welcome!!!! Come on in…..this is our Christmas home.
If you’re visiting for the first time today I’m so glad you’re here!  And you’ve landed smack dab in the middle of my Christmas on Purpose series, where I’m sharing how we do Christmas for reals and intentionally in our family.
In terms of decorating I like to keep it pretty simple, not overly fussy, and kid friendly.  Because I have kids and I don’t like to fuss to much.  I also wanted to challenge myself to decorate our entire home for Christmas without buying one single bit of new decorations.  Not one.  It seems like every year I spend just a little bit on stuff for the house, and I can usually justify it by purchasing my stuff at a discount or at a thrift store.  This year I didn’t want to do any of that. 
Now, in all honestly I have spent about 5 bucks.  I bought a strand of lights and I bought a handful of pinecone picks from the craft store (at 25 cents a piece I couldn’t say no…that was 70% off regular price!).
But that is all the purchasing I’ll be doing this year.  So here is our home, all decked out in old stuff made newish by clever and creative arranging….
In through the front door, I love walking in and seeing our “mantel” all prettied up.  And I also love seeing some of my favorite things for Christmas.
The nutcrackers are some of our favorite things.  The elves who fill the advent box help us to add to our collection every year…you can see that we’re on year three this year.  We usually find these at thrift stores or deeply discounted after Christmas, then they get packed away until the elves decide it’s time to deliver them.
In the kitchen I keep a simple nativity that I’ve had for a while, offset by colorful ornaments and shiny glitter.
I made a few Anthro inspired snow globes this year, using craft supplies I purchased last year.  There’s no water in them but you get the idea.  For the trees I used pieces of greenery that I bought for wreaths and garlands a few years back, I just hot glued them all into some quilting batting and threw fake snow and glitter in them.  Easy peasy.  And we don’t throw out those burned out bulbs, they’re great for decorating with too.
The stockings don’t get hung by the mantel mostly because there’s not really a mantel to hang them from.  And if I do hang them they usually look like they’re floating in space or they’re at a great risk of bursting into flame from the fire.  They’ll make their big debut Christmas morning.
And keeping things simple I just accented the wreaths with yarn balls I made from leftover yarn.  Easy, free, nice.
In the kitchen we made a hot chocolate spot, with fun cups and candy canes and plenty of homemade hot cocoa mix.  You can’t have too much this time of year.
Hot Chocolate Station
Vintage Inspired Wreath
The powder room even got some love with my vintage inspired wreath and pinterest inspired snowflakes.
Perhaps one of my favorite additions to the house this year is a vintage typewriter I found at a local thrift store.  It actually works and make a great centerpiece for my little nativity, my Jesus sign, and the words to my favorite Christmas song.
Vintage Typewriter
And then upstairs I let the kids go crazy with a little tree and all of our unique and handmade ornaments.  They did this all themselves and I swear I think the girls grin with happiness when they walk by.  Just like their mom.
In the girls room we always decorate the white tree, this year Pinkalicous debuted as the angel.  My five year old is giddy over that one.
Kid's Christmas Trees
And our bedroom got a simple wreath with more easy yarn balls.  It’s peaceful and relaxing, a favorite place to hide away.Christmas Yarn Wreath
It’s a cozy home and one we love to be in during the holidays, we love it so much that we don’t put too much on the calendar just so we can be home to enjoy it.  I think what makes it so special is that the things we use to decorate with are special to us. 
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  1. lovely and cozy.

    your tree is in a wash tub! what a fun touch.

    like you i haven't bought anything new this year either, except the always needed lights.

    a fancy nancy tree woul make a little girl i know happy too.
    my girls had their own tree last year. it was my FAVORITE part of Christmas. they even sewed stockings for their a.g. dolls and created advent activities to do with them. melt my heart.
    see a glimpse here

    we usually have a hot cocoa station in our home too, but we are still kitchenless, so none this year. i think i may take a christmas kitchen rain-check. we still have so much christmas fun to experience together in the kitchen.

  2. Very pretty. Love your tree in the wash tub! Love the hot chocolate station too! I need to set one up at my house. ;)

  3. Hi Gina,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Christmas Tour and Marshmallow Wreath! Your house looks great - can't believe you only spent $5 this year! Love the trees in mason jars (great idea to use old greenery), your silver trophy vase filled with pine cones and your snowflakes in the bathroom.

  4. Who cares if you didn't spend a lot....It looks so great!

    Your home is beautiful.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. It looks fabulous, love the little touches of Christmas all over your home!! It feels very pretty and festive! I'm glad you linked up!!! :-) Merry Christmas!

  6. You did a great job of budget decorating your home looks lovely.

  7. You've decorated your home beautifully! Following you. Diane

  8. Lovin' the decorations! Why have I never thought of saving the burned out bulbs??? Genius!

  9. You have a warm beautiful home. Thanks for sharing the pictures.


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