Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas on Purpose

Hello.  Me again.  Here I am, day after day for the last 10 days blabbing on and on about Christmas. 
As you can see I’m having fun.  I really am.
Thank you for coming back, and if you’re here for the first time then welcome!  I’m really glad you’re here.  And I just have to say that I’ve enjoyed taking this intentional look at Christmas.  It’s caused me to really think about why we do what we do as a family this season, and it’s gotten my heart in a good place too. 
Today I’m thinking about traditions.  I’m wondering where they came from, why we do them, and how to build in meaningful ones.  Our family has come up with a few special traditions over the years.  Some involve food and some involve what we do.  And I can honestly say that I have no idea why we do some of the things we do.  But we do them, and they are special. 
I can remember having little tiny kids and babies and wondering how to build in meaningful traditions from my side of the family and from my husbands.  And then somehow along the way we developed traditions.  Some came quite by accident.  There was the year that we went out to the woods to cut a tree.  And it was really cold.  And then it started to rain.  And then it started to get dark.  And I was wearing a little baby in a backpack standing by one certain tree with two little shivery children by my side while Zac scoped out another tree.  It was just a bit miserable.  By the time we got home the kids were exhausted, and wet and cold too.  Zac and I feared mutiny so we put every kids Christmas classic on and played them in a loop while we set the tree up.  The kids fell asleep soon after and we decorated the tree in peace and quiet.  But a tradition was born.  Now, we still go out to the woods to get a tree.  But we really check the weather first, and go to a different place that is much closer.  But what we always do is put on Charlie Brown Christmas and Rudolf while we decorate.  It’s a tradition that endures.
I love traditions because of the sameness to them.  And, I’ll be honest, I love tradition because it makes things easy, we always know what we’ll do.  What do eat for Christmas morning?  Baked French toast, it’s tradition.  What's in the stockings Christmas mornings?  Socks, it’s a tradition.  I love to embrace the tradition of Christmas.
What are some of your Christmas traditions?

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  1. i love traditions because of the sameness too. like you, some of our traditions have been on purpose, some by accident.

    some of our traditions:
    get and decorate the christmas tree and house sunday after thanksgiving.
    have our own family christmas the weekend before christmas, which is stocked full with traditions- reading birth of christ from luke sat p.m., waking to a breakfast birthday party for jesus, followed by reading birth of christ in mark and opening the first gift which is always baby jesus. then the christmas festivities continue.

    we use to have a tradition of doing a free hot chocolate stand at christmas time.
    i miss it.
    but we also have to be willing to let some traditions go to make room for new ones.


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