Wednesday, January 11, 2012


We’ve been plodding over here.  Plodding through our lessons, plodding through the days, just poking along.  It’s been slow going.  And I’ll be completely honest with you when I say that it’s been tough.  Going back to our school schedule and routine has been a tough adjustment.  I’m finally, albeit very slowing, adjusting to the fact that it will take the better part of my day to teach all three kids their lessons.  It leaves just about zero time for anything else.  And that’s been hard. 
So I’ve been writing, bits here and there.  Yes, writing.  As in maybe someday all these pieces of paper will be put together to make something more, something bigger.  I am writing on slips of paper, on the back of grocery receipts, on the kids’ coloring pages from church, everywhere really.  Trying to get my thoughts out, running with every whim of inspiration that comes my way.  Unfortunately life as it is leaves very little time to process these things, and I’m finding myself surrounded by slips of paper.  That is okay. 
This season that we are in is unique to us.  And I would love so much for there to be a book on how to homeschool three kids who are in kindergarten, first and third grade without losing your mind.  But I know that each family’s homeschooling journey is different.  Although, I am guessing I’m not alone when I am feeling overwhelmed and just generally done with it all. 
In the meantime when not scribbling, I’ve been stitching.  It’s something to do while waiting at ballet or other places.  Something that causes me to sit and put my feet up without feeling like I’m being totally lazy.  It’s just a little something.  Someday it will be a blanket.  And maybe someday I’ll tell you about my word for the year, and other more interesting things. 
For now, it’s just the blanket in progress.  Kind of like me, in progress, being stitched together piece by piece.  I’m grateful for God’s patience with me. 
and in other unrelated new we got a new washing machine.  in all seriousness yesterday was probably one of my most exciting days as a homemaker.  we spent the better part of yesterday washing.  and my husband, who knows the way to my heart, spent the better part of last night folding.  is folding laundry sexy?  around here, you bet it is :)


  1. folding laundry is very sexy, as is washing dishes, vacuuming, cooking, dusting, ironing... :-)

    when my children were your children's ages home schooling seemed so monotonous. i felt and expressed that it was NEVER going to end! now with a 4th, 7th, & 8th grader i see the end in sight, TOO SOON!! as one is off to high school next year followed by his sister the next. ahhh, motherhood.

    home schooling is such a sacrifice. it is a sacrifice of income, of sanity, of personal passion,and on the other hand home schooling brings such GAIN! gain of riches in relationship- us with our children and them with each other.
    the fruit that i have worked along side God to harvest in my children is the MOST DELICIOUS!
    and i know i'll never regret this time, i'll never look back and say i regretted spending too much time with my kids.

    may God sustain you, provide for you, be your truth, your sight, your hope forward.

    1. thank you for your encouragement. it has been tough for sure, and we're reevaluating everything around here. I know I'll never regret this time with them. and I'm trying to take the long view with them, realizing that what we are doing is about so much more than their education. it's easy to get bogged down in the everyday tedium, I'm grateful for my ever supportive and faithful (and willing to help out) husband. I'm pretty sure I would be a candidate for committal if it weren't for God's grace and Zac's help :)

      I also appreciate your prayers as a home school veteran, you have no idea what they mean to me!

      Praying you have a fabulous weekend!

  2. I would love to buy the crocheted tea set. How much? I have a granddaughter who would derly love it for her birthday. Due to illness there is no way I could do one in 3 weeks. Thanks.


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