Friday, February 10, 2012

insta Friday

It’s my first insta Friday!  I’ve been wanting to join for a while… goes!

This is what our first week with two kids at school looked like for us:

school pickup

In the pick up line for school, after school is quickly becoming my favorite time of the day.  And on the first day I could hardly contain myself while I was waiting for them to be dismissed.  I love them, and I’m loving this new season.  The house has been a bit quieter, as much as it can be with a five year old around.  And the house is clean.  That’s wild.  I did laundry a few days this week and got everything folded and put away….on the same day.  Miraculous.

But perhaps the best thing this week was simply being present for my kids.  I can’t really explain how I couldn’t be present emotionally while I was physically with them all day other than saying it was so overwhelming and taxing.  My emotions were just all spent up.  And I normally ran out of words by lunch.  But  now I feel restored and renewed, and as we work into a new routine I’m excited.  And the kids are loving school, a lot.  They talk my ear off when I pick them up.  So I know God is with them, with us during this transition.


Ballet day, and the start of barre exercises.  She loves it, and I love watching her…so long and graceful-she gets none of those from me!


Library day, the youngest picks up way more books than it’s possible to carry.  And then we read the afternoon away, just the two of us.  In a quiet and clean house.  Heavenly.


Lost tooth, she had just lost her bottom one.  And the tooth fairy forgot to leave her anything…again.  We are so bad at the tooth fairy thing.  I just gave her a dollar from my wallet, she knows the truth but….really?  Why can’t we remember this?

after school

And this….he’s really big enough to do this.  In the front seat, next to me on the way home from school.  It kills me.  And it’s weird to have him right there, but I love it too.  We are entering a new era in child rearing. 


And I will leave you with this image.  Poor dog, huh?  This what the youngest does to amuse herself while the others are at school.  I’m pretty confident that she is having way more fun than the dog is.  I gave him extra treats to make up for his humiliation.

And this weekend we have birthday celebrations for my husband, a girls night out tonight (yippie!) and just general being together with the kids.  I am looking forward to it!

Happy Weekend Friends!  May it be refreshing and peaceful, full of light and joy (even if the weather does otherwise). 



  1. Visiting from InstaFriday. Glad to have you join the party. I have a ballerina, too. Don't you love watching them do their thing?

  2. Popped in from life rearranged- totally hear ya on the big kid in the front seat thing. Crazy but fun!
    Your library afternoon sounds heavenly!
    Happy weekend to you. :)

  3. I looooove your ballet barre picture. Just beautiful. Takes me back to the dancing day so of old! :) My oldest has been sitting in the front seat. So weird. Didn't I just strap her into the harness in the carseat? Where is time going? Happy weekend, my friend. So happy your kiddos are enjoying school.

  4. Heheh I love the photo of the dressed up dog! Very sweet! :)

  5. yeah!! for a great week!

    you are so pretty. love that pic.

    yeah!! for a clean house.

    i totally get being physically present, but not emotionally. i make it till noon too most days then i'm done.

    my oldest began sitting in front last year. so weird. followed by emilie this year. too weird. i gave them each a talk about "my space" and that i reserve the right to want to sit alone on occasion... haven't needed it, yet. realize i like having the company, and that we have some pretty sweet talks up there in the grownup part of the car.

    we had a birthday this last weekend too!


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