Tuesday, February 28, 2012

making leap day count

This month, this week, we have a gift. 
One extra day, you know it only happens once every four years.  It seems like a little something special, something extra. 
Who doesn’t want one more day? 

One more day to laugh…
and pray…
and sing…
and dance….
to live and be and enjoy this gift of life that we have.

I want to take advantage of this extra day, and really make it count. 
What can I do to make this extra day count?  Write a letter, engage in a meaningful conversation with a loved one, help someone out, deliver flowers to a friend just because, have a fancy dinner, throw a party, take a detour from the normal Wednesday.
Because this extra day won’t be happening until 2016, it makes tomorrow an extra special event. This day, this February 29th is like a gift then.  A special chance to think about doing something that really matters.
I don’t really know for sure what I’ll be doing to mark this leap day.  I’m pretty sure it will start with a special breakfast with my family before the older two head to school, and in between school and Wednesday dance lessons and youth group I want to be intentional about how I spend my day.  I really want to make it sure it’s special, make sure it counts.
What would you do with one more day?

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