Monday, February 6, 2012

success (aka: the first day of school)

first day of school
Yes, most students do not typically start school in February.  But, no matter when you start it’s really nice to start awesome. 
And they did. 
I could see their beaming faces from all the way across the play ground while I waited in the pick up line.  We could hardly contain our excitement when we saw each other and they just erupted with details about their first day.  It was good.  So good.  And such an answer to prayer.  They’ve already done their homework and are looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.  It was a really good day…and I didn’t mind a quiet house either.  Even if I just working at home :)


  1. hooray! gosh, i didn't realize you were implementing the change so quickly. but i'm so so glad to hear they are transitioning joyfully. God didn't have to provide that for you and them, but He did. three happy kids for day 1. what a blessing.

  2. i want to hug and squeeze your first day and thank it for being so good to you all!

  3. Gina, I've been thinking about you and your kiddos! This post made me smile. I know what you mean about being more emotionally present with them, missing them, and being so excited to hear about their day. I hope they have a GREAT rest of the year!


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