Sunday, February 19, 2012

a weekend salute: appreciate the daily normal

A normal weekend sounds so…not glamorous.  It’s ordinary.  It’s typical.  And for me, it was wonderful.
It was full of cupcakes and library books, not necessarily in that order.
gluten free vegan vanilla cupcake
Morning coffee and cartoons.
drink 2-18
Reading in bed, with my handsome husband quietly reading next to me.
A birthday celebration, hence the cupcakes.
gluten free vegan vanilla cupcakes
A project from this blog, found and inspired by a pin on Pinterest.  Admit it, you know you do those kind of projects too.
goal list
Mexican train, lots of Mexican train. 
mexican train
And for good measure, a little bit of stitching.  Yes, I am still trudging through this blanket.  But the good news is that the more I do the more I love it.  I can’t say that for all my crochet projects.
granny circle blanket
And in all of that I find that I’m relishing the normal.  Taking delight in the average stuff of life, because it is my life and it really is a gift.  It’s easy to muddle through the mundane, but I am learning that it is far more lovely to take delight in it.  To capture it and appreciate it.  Because when this life is all said and done I think the vast majority of my days will have been spent in the daily stuff, the stuff that can be mundane-if I let it.  I don’t say it to be depressing, it’s quite the opposite really.  I want to appreciate the dailies because those are the sum total of my days.
So I salute the perfectly normal weekend and raise a cup to the perfectly normal week that lies ahead.  This weeks my days will be filled with taking kids to school and picking them up, karate and ballet and tap classes to mark the afternoons, homework for the kids, and a few creative projects for me. And all of it will be marked with prayers that I would be able to see the gift of my daily life, the treasure that is there if I look long enough to see it.
What’s in store for you this coming week?


  1. well said, well said....I love Mexican train And what is that cupcake recipe!?

  2. we just had a weekend away, this week is vacation week! i am looking forward to staying home and enjoying the mundane. thanks for inspiring me to do so.

    1. There's something about time away that makes you really appreciate normal at home! Enjoy your week!

  3. I'm so glad school is going well for your kiddos and that life is quiet(er) for you too. What a blessing that they love it and are adjusting so well. I hope you all continue to have a great rest of the school-year!


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