Thursday, February 16, 2012

with a five year old

tea party
Entertaining?  Yes. 
When you take the youngest sibling, who has always been home with her older brother and sister, and then take away the competition (I mean the brother and sister) you get a lot of funny conversations and entertaining afternoons.
“Mom, I want to make a parachute.  I have this balloon, this squinky, this string and a ball…..can I make a balloon out of that?”
“I don’t know…..why don’t you try.”
And try she did.  For an hour.  With a half deflated Mylar balloon, she couldn’t get it to float but she sure did try.
“Dad, why are poodles fluffy?”
“Let’s ask the google.”  And then spend an hour watching silly pet videos on you tube.
“MOOOOOMMMMMMM!  I found the bumpy spoon, it’s been hiding for years and years.  I can’t believe I found the bumpy spoon, I can’t wait to have cereal in the morning!”  Proceed to dance around the kitchen, cradling spoon like a baby.  She declared this over the recovery her long lost favorite, the bumpy spoon.  She had hid it so her sister wouldn’t use it, and then promptly forgot about it.  Last year.  There was much joy in the house over it’s discovery.
It’s been interesting to watch her the last two weeks, all alone with me while the others are at school.  Her normally quirky personality is even more when she’s all alone with me.  It’s pretty funny to watch, but also pretty exhausting sometimes too.  She needs a bit of guidance from time to time, me getting her started on something and her taking over.  And I’m not really getting all the things I’ve wanted to get done around the house….it’s requiring patience for sure.  But we’re finding our grove, the two of us.  We’re doing some crafts, we’re having tea parties, we’re baking things, and we’re going to the library.  And it helps that she has a very attentive dad available during the day too. 
This new season is fun, and different…but all together good.  And funny.


  1. sounds like, if anything, the change in itself is refreshing! i often loved the days home with just my littlest. it is much easier to savor their individuality when you can focus on just one. you're not distracted by the dynamics, as much as you can just see who they are by themselves. it will be a short window for that. that's awesome you're doing special stuff together while you can :)

    1. yes, this has been a very refreshing change...I feel like I have some extra mental space too. but the best part is getting really good quality time with my youngest and the others when they're home from school. it's funny how getting two out of the house allowed to spend more quality time together.


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