Friday, March 23, 2012

celebrate….it’s spring break!

snowy spring
We’ve been traveling here, there and everywhere. 
But now it’s spring break around these parts!  Doesn’t the weather reflect that?  We woke up to this….and now we’re off and away, hoping to find some more spring like weather. 
This is nice and all, and pretty…but, really?
In other news, I will have a nine year old come Sunday.  I don’t know how these things happen, really I don’t.  All I know is that right now my head can just rest on the top of his head, I’m sure by the end of the year that will change.  And that makes me kind of sad.  He’s growing up and older and much more man like these days.
Happy Spring Break to us, and hopefully to you too.  And hopefully, you’re weather is more springy than ours!


  1. So you're having snow? We have got wonderful weather here in MN, usually we are the ones with the snow in March!

    I know, it goes so so fast, i can't wrap my head around the fact that my daughter will be a Senior in just 6 months! HOW does THAT happen?! LOL

    1. One thing we can count on where we live is that spring break is usually always can be 70 the week before but it is always crummy come spring break, always. The 300 days of sunshine certainly make that bearable though!

      And it does go so fast doesn't it? I never believed it before I had kids when people would say that it does, it makes me want to really be intentional about remembering them now....because those senior years will come and then (gulp) they'll be off and out of the nest! YIKES!

  2. happy spring break and 9 year old celebrating!


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