Monday, March 5, 2012

hello Monday

hello monday
hello long bike rides and morning runs
hello daddy styled hair (with the vacuum cleaner, of course)
hello lunch date with my hunky husband
hello comfy thrift store chair, purchased for a major steal
hello school plays and silly girls who leave moms even sillier notes
hello messy up do to combat the extremely high winds we’ve been having
hello drooling dog, waiting to lick up my oatmeal remains
drooling dog
hello to giving new dreams permission to take shape and form, long dates and conversations with a husband will do that….and cause me to say “hello handsome, thank you for giving me permission to pursue new things that seem silly and scary all at the same time.”
hello gray roots and the pursuit to authenticity as I grow out hair that’s been long colored.  this is a strange journey, growing out my hair to whatever it’s natural color is…and I’m sure it’s more gray than anything at this point.  yes Mom, you read that right.  I am growing it out.  yes, I’m young:  barely 34.  but I found my first gray at 18 and it’s gone quickly since then.  and I’m tired of covering it up, tired of maintaining it, tired of dealing with it.  I might grow it all out and realize it makes me look a hundred and color it all over again.  or, I might like it.  it’ll be me, only better, a truer version of myself.  at least that’s what I think.  they’re kind of silver, and that’s pretty…right?
naturally gray hair
hello new week, and new month, and day light savings time….again.  I hate that lost hour of sleep.  so much so that once I might have adjusted my newborn son’s sleep schedule by 15 minutes each day to make up for it.  I may or may not still get teased about that from a certain male member of my household.  what’s a new mom to do?  he’s still young, nearly 9, but I think he’s going to turn out just fine.

hope that you all have a happy week!


  1. Oh my friend.... I totally get the grey hair thing. I am on the same page. I have to color now every othe month. full. semi permament color. no more just for fun. Now, it is a necessity. :)

    1. I know, I've been coloring almost twice a month....I just can't do it anymore, it's time to age gracefully! :) Last night I found a grown out streak that was Judy Jeston white, I was quite surprised. I've been coloring so long, I have no idea what's under there!

  2. i use to adjust my babies sleep schedules to make up for daylight savings too. they turned out fine... so far anyway.

    i got 3 new gray hairs this last month. "a crown of splendor" right. my kids are arguing as i type this... they might be the reason for my "splendor."

  3. I so get the grey hair thing, too! I used to have black hair & started going grey at 16! I'm now 31 & so tired of trying to keep up with dying it so I, too, am in the process of growing it out. It's a bit frightening (& frankly I get way too many comments about it from people who should know better than to say anything), but I'm sticking with it. It's just not worth the hassle! God made me this way so I'm going to embrace it!


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