Monday, March 26, 2012

hello Monday…spring break edition

hello romps in the mustard, an annual spring tradition the girls have with their cousin.  my sister takes the pictures and then we all shed a tear about how fast they grow from year to year.
hello looking through old photos, isn’t my grandma the most beautiful woman?  seriously, I could look at this all day and daydream about her life as a young woman.  I wish I could have known her then.
hello freshly picked oranges from my parents tree, and hello bags of oranges to take home for eating and juicing and general yumminess.
Levi's 9th Birthday - 2012
hello sibling time.
Levi's 9th Birthday - 2012
hello birthday boy.
goodbye money.
hello lunch, a trip to Cali doesn’t go by without a stop (or several here).
hello my hubby’s idea of taking pictures of me while I’m telling a fascinating story to my mom, about something terribly engaging I’m sure.  you can see my response…and worry, it’s just pretend anger. 
and hello to us in full spring break mode and loving it, we’ve got projects to do at home and new flooring to order (cue the hallelujah chorus!) and general fun and rest up our sleeves.
what are you saying hello to today?  and….is it spring break where you are?
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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love the pictures of your girls in the mustard--lovely!! Luaghing at "good-bye money"--I just got to visit Ikea for the first time the beginning of this month--WHAT A STORE!!! ;o)

  2. CALIFORNIA! so so so close.

    you're grandma IS beautiful. jealous.

    you're funny.

    and you are wearing my gray sweater (apparently we both have great target taste).


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