Tuesday, March 6, 2012


We must wait for God, long and meekly, in the wind and wet, in the thunder and lightning, in the cold and the dark.  Wait, and He will come.  He never comes to those who do not wait.

Frederick Faber

The wind seemed to laugh at the fact that it was just gloriously sunny and warm.  That was yesterday.  All was calm and hopeful.  We could hear spring singing just around the corner, slightly out of sight but coming closer.
And now the fierce wind has brought in even fiercer clouds.  Hail and rain and snow have pummeled down on the rooftops all within a five minutes span of time.
I watch the trees bend sideways, carrot shavings piling up beside me.  I hear the lanterns banging around on the back porch while soup simmers on the stove.  And I wonder at this remarkable change.  How quickly it all can turn.
And in it, in the midst of the storm, the neighborhood girls dance and laugh in the middle of the street.  They are not concerned that their hair is standing straight up in response to the wind, or that the pelting snow is piercing their cheeks already flushed red with cold.  They are impervious, they are flexible.  They laugh at change.

She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. Proverbs 31: 25

And doesn’t life require that?  Even though she taunts us mercilessly, doesn’t change demand a bendable spirit?
But it is hard.  And we don’t like the new and we are afraid.  It’s cold and dark and different.  Whatever excuses we toss out at the storms of life, the changes of life still come. 
There are changes that are negative:  job loss, illness, death, divorce, bankruptcy.  But even in the goodness, there she is; change still comes:  marriage, childbirth, college, new homes, promotions, retirement.  The storms of change still come whether I like them or not.  If I’m prepared or caught unaware, she still waits for me.  Change walks in, runs hard after me.  I cannot escape her.  
And all that I can do is respond to bending to her whims.  To sing in the rain.  To laugh and dance, even though the neighbors think I’m crazy. 
What other choice is there?  To stay the same is to invite a death of sorts.  To live we must embrace the changes, the storms.  Even when we don’t feel like it.  And all at the same time we must keep our eyes on the One who allows changes to come.  There is a safe harbor in the midst of the storm.  And when the snow flies sideways and the hail pounds down and the wind roars I choose trust.  Just as I trust in the shelter of my home, I trust in the shelter of the Almighty.  Trust doesn’t need to know all the answers, trust doesn’t demand an explanation.  Trust is leaning on the only thing that is unchangeable, the everlasting arms.

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” Psalm 91: 1-2


  1. Oh boy this is beautifully written. I adore your analogy and I've actually thought about it that way, that we have to BEND with the trees like in the wind, to change...we've got to embrace the tough stuff just as much as the easier, fun stuff...it's what shapes our character to be more like our God. I love how you said staying the same is like a death of sorts, so so true, so so good. beautiful! you're so wise!

    1. thank you, I'm ever reminded in my journey that flexibility is they key to growing...God is always stretching us, isn't he? And even when it's hard, I'm grateful for it :)

  2. "He never comes to those who do not wait."--oh, that is good. Can I learn this ever, I wonder?! True thoughts, thank you...

  3. for me that trust is "i am God, there is no other, i am God there is none like me, i make known the end from the beginning. my purpose will stand" (paraphrased). i go to this verse every day and in every prayer. i don't know what God has up his sleeve, BUT he's God. i know that. i know that. I KNOW THAT. that's where my hope is. He is God, He's got it.


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