Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Choosing Delight-a journey to delighting in God

At the beginning of this year I felt God speaking to me. It was a gentle whisper, that eventually came relentlessly and persuasively. It was a simple question, wrapped up with a command.

“Will you choose to delight in me? I want you to delight yourself in me, and in me alone.”

And so I have been on a quest to find delight in God. Along the way I’ve realized that it is often my choice to make, despite circumstances and regardless of emotions I can choose to delight in the Lord. Or I can walk the other way. I am unpacking what this means to me in the middle of a busy and hectic life where distractions abound. I imagine that it’s a life just like yours, where children are needy, husbands want our time, bills need our money, and floors need our mops. It seems like an insurmountable task to delight in God even though life is spinning around us. But that is precisely what God has command his children to do. To delight in him in the midst of the even thoughs. I am excited to unpack this here weekly for you, for me…for all of us on the journey.

delight in the Lord

The flashing lights behind me said it all. I had been caught. And I was guilty. I knew my crime and I cringed at the thought of an expensive ticket. The phone was now safely stashed away but my ear was still ringing hot at the realization of being found out. My five year old passenger stared with wide terrified eyes as the officer approached my window. Her visions of me being hauled to jail in handcuffs were slightly comical at the time, but I knew she was worried. Honestly, so was I. I admitted my guilt and apologized. I searched for my registration, license, insurance. My face grew hotter as I scrambled to find a missing insurance card, all I could do was await my fate. The officer returned with stern warnings and a great gift of grace. I should have been nailed on two counts, but drove away warned. What grace he gave that day. And at the end of day I found myself chuckling over it all.

Later I sat in bed and listened to the sound of the rain. The day had been long and the pitter patter of the drops soothed my soul. The music of the rainfall mixed with the pungent scent of juniper, and it was like balm to me. It was just the thing I needed. As sat I wondered at the journey to finding delight in God. How can I even do such a thing when I can barely catch my breath some days? Chasing after delight as thought it’s something to be caught and captured, owned. Can I own this? To make it my own seems like an insurmountable task. How do I delight in what the Lord gives on days when I can hardly remember tying my shoes?

When the day is crazy, do I dare to delight in what God has done? It is amazing to me that he brought a police officer, the rain, the busy, and the hectic and it’s all a part of his plan for me. God faithfully brought the close of another day, and in faith I know he’ll bring the dawn a new one. When I worry over the seemingly insignificant details of my life I need to remind myself that God has all the details taken care of, and he simply wants me to delight in him every day. Delighting in God does not always bring the answers to my questions. Delighting in God does not solve all my problems. But what delighting in God does do is put my heart in the right place to receive his good gifts, even when disguised.

The Greek and Hebrew dictionary tells me that the original definition for the word delight is anag. It means to be happy about, to be pampered, to take exquisite delight in, to make merry over. What catches me here is the thought that delighting in God is tied up in delicate pampering. If I allow him to pamper me, to treat me with extreme and excessive care and attention, I cannot help but find delight in him. Sometimes it’s hard to see how God gives me care and attention, until I stop to look for it. On that day I found it. Hidden in the grace of the city police officer, the calming effect of the rain, and the laughter of my kids over my “incident” were glimpses of God, the one who gave it all. On that day delight was a choice, on every day delight is always a choice.

The question always has been if I will choose it or not.


  1. thanks again for your thoughtful words. i am soaking them all in, in the midst of a rough and discouraging week. i feel alone and tired and frustrated. so i needed to read your perspective tonight. i need God's pampering. and it's raining here too right now. i can hear it. think i need to start my delight right there and right now.

  2. praying for you friend!

    I read Psalm 142 this morning, and have been re-reading Psalm 42: 5 and 6. when I'm discouraged (which seems to be going around these days) these two passages are lifting me up!

    God is good, even when we can't really see it. He longs to be gracious to us, to show his compassion and loving kindness...and to that I say "yes, and amen!"


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