Wednesday, April 4, 2012

happy things

I’ve been missing lately, missing out on blogging and writing.  There’s been a busy schedule, and now there a bug in the house that’s kept me in bed all day long.  I can very easily go to the dark side on days like this, pity parties and mourning over the undone in my life.  Or I can realize that God is in the details and perhaps this day of forced rest is just what he had in store for me.
So I’m purposefully turning my heart to happy things….
happy things like the completed library
new floors for our downstairs ordered and arriving today!
this dog, who has taken up a station just outside my bedroom door today….on guard and watching
happy fabrics that I’ll turn into pillows….someday
and the unpictured today:  a husband who cheerfully takes over kid duty when I’m stuck in bed.  A happily playing 5 year old, letting her mom rest.  An appointment for new color in my hair tomorrow (please feel better!)  snow this morning and gloomy skies all day, which makes for much easier resting.  a variety of mindless shows to watch streaming on netflix.
and the hope that things always get better.
what’s got you happy today?


  1. you are so right on, that is exactly what we have to do, choose the joy, choose the beauty, and you are, that's what's so cool. we so easily let our circumstances define us and set our days, but they don't have to.
    so glad you shared, and I love what made you happy, nice floors!

    1. Thanks Gina! And I'm super excited about the floors, we've been waiting a long time for those!

  2. i'm sorry you have been sick.

    i have floor envy. i don't have floor-work envy. they are going to look awesome.

    your library looks great, too. our books are on shelves in closets. poor poor books. they need to make a debut in the house... someday.

  3. Did you cave and get new color? I read earlier you were getting it grow out. it's scary I know but mine (yes at 57) has much more dark in it than I had ever imagined. I actually have dreams where I am manually coloring my own hair in various shades of copper or carmely brown. Then I wake up and wonder how many perfectly blended shades of gray, charcoal and silver I am going to have today :)

    Debbie - -I don't have an account.....


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