Friday, April 20, 2012

happy things

finished floors…at least nearly finished.  still have trim left to do and a few small spaces, but my amazing husband knocked this out in less than a week.  and it was a happy day when I dusted everything off and put it all back together, happy like in the day we moved in.  I can’t even begin to say how much I love these, they are so easy to care for and super strong.  like multiple children and crazy dog strong.  and it’s pretty to boot.
pergo laminate
a beautiful rug, given to me by my friend who has had it stored away just waiting to bless someone with.  I am so grateful it was me. 
open windows
open windows and 75 degree days, it’s finally spring and flip flop weather.  finally.
leather chair
a craigslist deal of a leather chair, I snagged this beauty for….ready?  

60 bucks.  really.  it’s super comfy too, too bad it’s too small for my husband’s tall frame. 
friends, watching the day go by.
piggie sandwich
the lunchtime standard around here, piggie face sandwiches.  it’s a new favorite of the youngest.  I’m soaking up the time I have with her while her brother and sister are off at school.  I know it’s fleeting and I’m going to miss her like crazy when they’re all in school next year.  summer’s going to be pretty sweet with all three close by to me, I’m already looking forward to those lazy summer days. 
and the last happy thing for today, it’s Friday and the weekend is set to be pretty nice. 
what’s got you happy today?

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  1. popping by for a moment and i see there is much more fo rme to read! i'll be back.

    great wood floors.

    shut up, that chair is AWESOME! i need to peruse craigslist.

    piggy faces are too cute.

    noah is off to high school next year, i am feeling that this summer is going to be very sweet soaking up my 3 TOGETHER. it goes too fast.


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