Monday, April 30, 2012

Hello Monday

So here’s the scoop-we’ve been really busy and I have two sick-ish kids in the house.
Hack, hack, cough, cough, sniffle, sniffle, sneeze…repeat. And then watch your five year old curl up for a nap on the couch while wearing four layers of clothes, a bathrobe, uggs, and a fluffy warm hat. She was chilled and needed the rest.
I think we all need some rest.
My friend talked about it today.
Another friend of mine is saying “no” to every non-essential activity.
Right now “no” looks like a beautiful word. 
This week is looking to be busy as well so my prayer is to carve out rest where ever I can. Yesterday I left dishes out and dirty. Today I didn’t put all the laundry away. I sat with the kids and a stack of books on the couch. And tomorrow? Who knows. All I can say is that if it isn’t completely necessary it just might not get done.
God has commanded that we rest. It’s so important he lists it on his top ten. Remember the Sabbath. Keep it holy. I think he knew that we’d have a tough time with this one, especially in this modern era. Demands for our time and attention are all around us, all pervasive and all consuming. And yet God says “rest.”
He tells me his yoke is easy and his burden is light, which basically means his work for me is fitting and appropriate. I don’t try to “balance” everything in life. It’s not like working the scales to ensure that there is an equal amount of work and an equal amount of rest. That’s just not possible, not realistic. I put everything I do in the pot and trust that if I’m closely following God’s leading for my life then he’ll work out the details. The need for rest falls into this.
So we are planning a day for family renewal and rest, together. Come Saturday we’ll carve out time, just us-classic family. And I know it will be good, sweeter even because it’s been so difficult to find time together lately.
But until then I am planning on saying “hello” to moments of rest in the middle of it. Looking for those God ordained times in my day when I can mentally and physically turn things off, even just for a little bit.
It might be with a book.
It might be with my little newly bobbed gal.
It might be over an art project.
It certainly won’t be with a snake around my neck.
Yuck, right? I figured you needed to see this brave child of mine.
However it comes, I’ll take my rest. I know it’s a gift from God.
What about you…How do you find rest in the middle of a busy life?

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  1. "sabbath moments," that's what i take. everyday, moments to breath, and praise, and know. i HAVE to, or i'd go crazy. just ask my kids, they know me crazy.

    enjoy your moments, breath them in deep, until the weekend when you get your sweet time together with Him.


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