Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Delighting God: Giving it Away


My suitcase is packed and my heart is full. Today I am New York bound.

I’m going with forty-seven other ladies and will be doing extreme makeovers for homeless women. They will be pampered externally and, hopefully, encouraged and filled up internally. My nail polish is stowed away, next to brand new nail files and some other essentials, all to bless those I have never met. I know it will be a challenge.  I know that I will be stretched outside of my comfort zone. But that is okay, because aren’t we as Christ followers encouraged to live outside of our comfort zones? We do that not because we are thrill seekers but because that is how others see Him in us.

Delighting in God is not just for me. Just as we are ever encouraged to be about God’s business we are always reminded that this life is not about us. This weekend is not just about me and my little safe bubble; it’s about extending the love of Jesus. As I delight in God and fill up on His joy I realize that I’m filled to give it away. The delighting allows my life to point to Jesus. Because in God’s economy we are given gifts for the purpose of expansion, for giving out and giving away and in the process showing God to everyone around us.

I will be giving away this weekend, and in the economy of God I will be also be receiving as I do. Delight is not just for us, it’s one of those contagious gifts. Delight spread around will speak louder than any sermon. I pray to be speaking loud this weekend, not in words but in deed.

When delight is difficult to come by my attitude shows it. I’m cranky and irritable and so very unpleasant to be around. But when I’ve taken the time to steal away and be with Jesus, enjoy his presence, enjoy his Word, and take pleasure in him then I have that much more to give away. It’s effortless because it’s God doing it in me.

This is true in all of life, whether you’re doing an outreach or doing the laundry. We are filled up to be emptied again. And in that our lives and our attitudes speak volumes to the people around us. Delighting in God changes me, and because of that I can better communicate his love to others. As a byproduct of time with him my life begins to speak in a language that is easy to understand and receive. And isn’t that what it’s all about?


I’ll be back next week and I expect that I’ll have stories to tell. Until then I’ll take your prayers, not only for my travels but for my husband who will be simultaneously working and holding down the fort. He is amazing, and it takes trips like this to remind me of what a gift I have in him.


This is part of an ongoing series on choosing delight. At the beginning of this year I felt the challenge from the Lord to delight in him more, always, whenever and whatever is going on. I’m unpacking this weekly for you to be encouraged and for me to remember. Thank you for joining me on this journey

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