Saturday, May 12, 2012

mother’s day observed

Today we celebrated Mother’s day.
Today I could have gotten up early for a workout. I could have run in a local 5k that I wanted to do. I could have wandered for hours through the local garden store filling a cart with plants. It was my day after all, I should have been doing exactly what I wanted to do.
Except today wasn’t really about me, well it was but it was more about them, those three kids who made me the mother I am today.
So today I woke early, took a quick shower and jumped back into bed. And then I waited. The kids brought me breakfast in bed on a tray, complete with hot coffee and a pile of beautifully handmade cards. We did things together as a family and it was all fabulous.
breakfast in bed
As I walk this high calling of motherhood I’ve learned a few things along the way: I am always on and I am always teaching. And if I want my children to realize and appreciate the Biblical principal that it is more blessed to give than receive then I need to be around on this very special day so that they can practice giving. Mother’s day isn’t only about me and my hard earned day off or a much deserved break. Mother’s day is also about teaching my children the joy of giving how to graciously receive blessing from others. Even if the coffee gets spilled and the whipped cream melts.
And even though this day didn’t contain all my ideal special day off things it held all that I needed as a mom. And I think the kids would say that they enjoyed the day very much, maybe even more than I did. And that is what makes mom’s day so special. For them it’s about the giving, for me it’s about the giving too: giving up my ideal so that others can be blessed as they give to others.
So Happy Mother’s Day to you all, mother’s or not. May your day be filled with giving and receiving, and contentment no matter how the day goes.

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  1. happy mother's day to you too, gina! everyday.

    is that french toast with strawberries! yum.


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