Friday, May 25, 2012

on a Friday

on this rainy and windy day there has been lots of puzzle time

an afternoon pick me up in a special cup from New York
and nachos with a Harry Potter movie
We've got lists for the weekend, and plans for resting and playing, and projects and things to do together. We are catching up with one another after my trip last week. And in the meantime I am still processing that amazing trip. I came home changed, more grateful for what I have and appreciative of simple things like a hot shower and clean sheets, polished nails and clean hair. In terms of the world New York isn't that far away, but it might as well have been on are other side of the globe. It seems like a lifetime ago that I was in Penn Station handing out sandwiches, but it was just one week ago today. I guess changes do that to a person. And they leave me feeling like I need to reconnect with the ones I love and settle in close to them. So that is the plan this weekend, connecting and playing and tackling projects and just enjoying it all.
What about you...what are your plans for the long weekend?

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