Friday, June 15, 2012

beauty on a Friday

we are officially one week into summer vacation and I’ve got to say that summer sure is beautiful.
so far one of my most favorite things has been watching our peonies bloom, big huge dinner plate sized blooms that are amazing. I’ve been snipping blooms and just looking at them while I drink my morning coffee.
iced coffee
my other most favorite is watching the kids zoom by while I sip iced coffee on the porch.
and then there’s laundry on the line that smells amazing.
and my favorite place to relax in the mornings.
and we’ve had lots of neighborhood friends over, one always has her shoes kicked off. those sweet boots are pretty cute to see laying around.
the long afternoons of summer call for relaxing and resting, and finding beauty right in your own backyard.
what are you finding beautiful these days?

1 comment:

  1. i've got clothes on the clothes line as i type (and pix to share of the same in a post). you also remind me that i've got a.m. coffee waiting to be an afternoon iced drink! but it won't be as darling as yours.
    and i want to steal those boots.

    btw- i have an announcement and giveaway this week. be sure to stop bye.


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