Wednesday, June 13, 2012

a runner

I am always running.

Not literally. But figuratively I am always on the move.

Running is one of my outlets. Just the thought of lacing up my shoes gets me excited. I relish nothing more than discovering a new route, a new trail, a new path.

But even when the run is over and the shoes are back in the closet, I am still going.

I run after things and I run to things.

And as a mom I never take off those shoes. I am running hard after my kids. Running in prayer, running as an example, running alongside them in their own race. I run to meet them when they fall. I run to chase them at play. And when they aren't home at the proper time, you can bet I'm running through the neighborhood in pursuit.

But of all the running I do as a mom the most important race I run is the one to the feet of Jesus. Because I cannot do this without his help, I am constantly running to throne room to find grace and wisdom and plead with God on their behalf.

Some people run to lots of odd places for help, but I run to the presence of a Jesus.

And I pray that as my kids see me always running they'll be encouraged to lace up and and become runners themselves. Running hard after Jesus because they're following in their Moms footsteps.

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  1. me too, friend, me too. always running after Him. i pray my kids see that, too.


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