Monday, June 4, 2012

This is Why

This is why we do it. For games of guess who and piles of shoes. This is why youth ministry is our thing. Because a house full of teenagers and a mountain of pizza is a pretty nice way to spend an evening.
There are lots of reasons that we do this crazy thing called youth ministry. Primarily it's because God called us, but also it sure is fun. Yes, it's challenging sometimes and we've had our share of heart aches with youth. But even in the pain, there is joy. There is fun. And we couldn't imagine doing anything else.
And that's the point. If there is a passion for the work at hand, that's a pretty good indication it's the right thing for you to do.
Because when the youth night is over, summer camp is done, and everyone has gone home we can honestly say we truly enjoyed it. Even when it's hard we wouldn't do any thing else with our lives. We love these kids, period, end of story. Often God asks us to do things that are hard, but when there is a calling we can do it with joy.

Everyone is made for something, something uniquely suited just for them. And when you are doing that something you were made to do there is joy. The challenge in life is to find that one thing that makes you feel alive and then find a way to do it; as a career, as a volunteer, however you can.

Life is too short to spend it on something you have no passion for. Find your passion and then do it. That makes life an adventure, that makes life fun. And I think it gives God great pleasure to see his kids shine doing what he made them to do.

What is your dream? What is that one thing you would do if you could do anything? Find that thing and pursue it, even if you start small. The thing is to start.


  1. Youth ministry is my thing too. I lead our jr high kids at church. I love them. We just got back from a fun camping trip this weekend!

  2. Junior highers are the best! I love our middle school crew dearly, they are fun and rowdy and just plain awesome!

  3. Thank you for people like you who have a passion for junior highers!! :) So great when the body of Christ is functioning within each members' passion.


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