Friday, July 20, 2012


Summertime brings us lots of happenings. Birthdays, an anniversary (13 years!), trips to the lake, dips in the river, hikes, and of course all the normal goings on of life.

The bottom line: we've been busy.

But its been good.

And since I even had time to make pie in a jar I guess we must be doing okay.
But all of this activity doesn't leave much time for other things that I love, like blogging and writing. So it has been quiet here, not for a lack of things to say but for a lack of time to say them.
And starting Monday we have two glorious weeks of summer camp with our fabulous youth.

And I know it will be fun, but it will also be exhausting. You'll have to forgive me of my upcoming silence. I will be doing more doing, praying, playing, connecting. And then sleeping. Lots.

In the meantime I pray you're having an amazing summer, full of the things you love to be doing.


  1. my kids are off to camp for 2 weeks and i will be doing more doing, playing, praying, and connecting. looking forward to it, too.

    enjoy camp. enjoy summer. looking forward to catching up with you.

  2. glad to hear you are having such a great summer, ...pie in a cup, really?! do tell.

    love that waterfall, and have a great rest of the summer!


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