Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beauty on a Friday

Okay, I know it's Sunday...but whatever.

It's been hot around here and we've been at the river escaping the heat. We've also been packing up two kids to go to their first week ever of summer camp. It's a pretty big deal. So in other words, Friday just slipped on by. And then so did Saturday. And now, it's the end of Sunday. School starts in just a few short weeks and we are trying to squeeze as much summer fun in as we can.

But I'm still looking for the beauty in the everyday. And sometimes just witnessing it all unfold through the lens of the camera helps me to appreciate the moments. You know the ones. The ones that slip by like sand through your fingers. The ones that mark where we are in life, and what we are into and the things that are typical summer.

So in no particular order, here they are.

sunflowers from the yard
quiet mornings

a new treasure

sibling love, it's adorbs as my daughter says

a watering can surprise, and the little hands holding it
and a perfectly unmade bed

Sometimes the most beautiful things are the most simple my friends. What's beautiful in your neck of the woods these days?


  1. I adore that you have those sunflowers in your own backyard!! So sweet, I would so love that..

    Cutie frog, and I love the perfectly perfect unmade bed:o

  2. "witnessing it all unfold through the lens of the camera helps me to appreciate the moments." i so get that. photography is worship.

    a few more weeks of summer... i'm jealous. enjoy!


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