Friday, August 24, 2012

Beauty on a Friday

Today I am finding beauty in found artifacts. Pieces of life from Zac's grandparents house that have found their way home to us.

there's the pile of Grandma's crochet hooks

Grandma's necklace

the paintings done by Zac's grandpa

the afghan made by great Grandma Ada, our daughter's namesake

and a whole pile of hand embroidered linens and handkerchiefs, all lovingly made by different grandmas

It's a whole lot of beautiful to me, these bits and pieces of the ones we love right here and happy under our roof. Zac's grandma passed away nearly two weeks ago and we have been sifting though what remains. Of course we are sad, and she will be missed. But we also rejoice because we know she is with Jesus now. One of the last conversations we had with her was marked by musings of what would come, what she would see, what it would be like. And she said more than once, "I'm just so curious, I wonder what it will be like?"
We wonder too. But we know she is at total peace, experiencing total freedom. And really, we couldn't wish for anything else for her.


Beauty on Fridays has become a way for me to mark gratitudes, bits of joy and beauty in everyday life. It has become therapeutic, counting beauty in the ordinary.

Won't you join me? Feel free to share what you've found beautiful this week in the comments.


  1. Beautiful heirlooms!! Sorry to hear about the passing of Grandma...we have some things in our house as well that we treasure we have a little folk art chair from my hubbys grandma that we love. While stuff is just stuff of course it is nice to have things that remind us of those we love~Heather

    1. Thank you, and I couldn't agree with you more, those special heirlooms are what makes our house feel more like home!

  2. Thank you, Gina!
    Beautifully expressed and I could not agree more!
    And I'm pretty curious myself. Little Krystina put it pretty well: "I wonder what hers and God are doing right now?"

    Love you!

  3. lovely- the art, the crochet hooks, the embroidered hankies...lovely!

  4. and... i'm sorry for your loss, celebrate with you
    that she is home in His "love better than life."

    have you ever listened to the wailin' jennys?
    I really like the lyrics from their song, Long Time Traveler

    Ye fleeting charms of earth
    Farewell, your springs of joy are dry
    My soul now seeks another home
    A brighter world on high

    I’m a long time traveling here below
    I’m a long time traveling away from home
    I’m a long time traveling here below
    To lay this body down

    Farewell kind friends whose tender care
    Has long engaged my love
    Your fond embrace I now exchange
    For better friends above

    I’m a long time traveling here below
    I’m a long time traveling away from home
    I’m a long time traveling here below
    To lay this body down


I love to hear from you! Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts with me.

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