Friday, August 31, 2012

Beauty on a Friday

This has been a week of counting down, sorting out and even laying low. A week that has me marking time as summer winds towards it's conclusion. We have school supplies at the ready and new socks all lined up. And I'm grateful for a silly girl who likes to wear silly things and pretend to be a movie star, ala Hepburn.

The children have played happily, mostly, all week with Pet Shop land. And I'm purposing to be grateful the noise and the mess because I know in two short weeks they will all be at school. I will miss them, I really will.

I am grateful for provision this week, and I must be completely honest as I share that I was worried. I worried about how we get all that we needed for three kids to start school. I thought about the need for jeans that were not too short and ballet slippers that weren't too tight and sweaters that had sleeves with the proper length and socks that were free of holes. And I worried, and then I turned my worries to prayers. I choose to trust that God would provide what they needed. I waited. I thought maybe provision would come in an unexpected check in the mail. A bag of hand me downs dropped on the door step. Or something. But then we cleaned out all the closets. And we found that we had everything we need. God had supplied the need before we even expressed it. We already had it. It reminds me of our life in Christ. Through Jesus we have everything we need for life and godliness. Everything. Sometimes God has to remind us of that through school clothes. And boy, am I grateful.

I am grateful for extra blankets on the bed, a signal of the changing season. Fall is my favorite, hands down.

I am grateful for music, even though no one in this house can play anything other than Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. I'm glad of the potential. And hopefully, soon, at least one of us will be able to play something different.

And as always I am grateful for the season's bounty, and farm fresh tomatoes seem extra sweet when you eat them with knowledge that they are fleeting. I think they'll make a lovely bruschetta.

These are things of beauty, these gratitudes.

What are you finding beautiful this week?


I'm linking over with Leslie at Top of the Page for her new Thanks-Living series.


  1. wow, reading everyone's links is really blessing me. i love what your thankful for today. i needed that story about Him providing everything we need. i too am a little worried about the kids not having all they need, since we don't start until next week and it isn't all fleshed out yet. but i'm encouraged by how God showed up for you guys. and that first photo is hilarious :) thanks so much for linking up, friend.

  2. Thank you for your vulnerability about provision.

    There was a point this summer that we had $30.00 to our names. I was worried to... say the least. It is hard to keep my eyes FIXED on God when the weight of that worry attempts to be my focus.

    I value your vulnerability because It reminds me that it isn't just me... and that I'm not being picked on.

    Your daughter looks adorable.
    You are rich!

    I am, too.

  3. Hi friend. Just had to share that my daughter came home with her supply list for school today and we used our resources best we could, reusing certain things from last year and gathered what we already had. At the end, we had 14 out of 18 things and I went from feeling overwhelmed with the long list to so thankful that we'll only have to spend a few bucks!! Yay God. I knew you'd appreciate that provision. ;) p.s. did you ever get my text i sent you from Hawaii?

    1. I love that! I came home from a friends today with a bag full of clothes for me and a backpack and winter coat for Levi...all answers to prayer, God is so good!

      Thanks for sharing!


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