Wednesday, September 5, 2012


It is really my favorite. I love all the others, but this season has a special place in my heart. It always has. Maybe it's because I'm just a little bit nerd and love back to school. Maybe it's the return to routine. Maybe it's the holidays on the distant horizon. Whatever it is, I just love it.

The days are shortening, as though an unseen hand is winding down the clock. The shadows lengthen sooner, lending a golden glow to my kitchen just as we are finishing diner. The windows are open more, in a vain attempt to save up the fresh air that blows freely through them, as if we can store it for the dark winter. There are bags of school supplies on the floor and shopping lists on the walls. And the sunflowers are beginning their quiet fade.

If summer is brilliant green, fall slowly comes in shades of gold. It's subtle at first, a soft glow in the morning and a quiet hush at dusk. The light comes in different, soft and more dreamy. It causes a slowing down, with thoughts of early bedtimes and pie in the oven.

I love summer and the glorious beauty that comes with it. But then fall creeps in, slowly as I grab a sweater from the back of the closet. And I realize that fall is my favorite perhaps because it provides such a sharp contrast from the hot and hazy days of summer.

The house in autumn turns golden. Cooler nights are punctuated by the sharp smell of the juniper trees outside.

I relish in the fact that we get to enter a new season, and things are different once again. If it were all summer there would be no time for harvest. If it were always winter there would be no oppurtunity for spring sowing. And so life comes in seasons, each one different and wonderful in its own way. Fall is so appealing to me because of it's brevity, summer can drag on, hazy and hot and as dry as an over cooked chicken breast. Spring, at least around here, rarely shows up. And winter just hangs heavy with cold air as crisp as cellophane. But fall bursts on the scence with a riot of gold and red. Look away for just a moment and you notice snowflakes falling. Fall is a brilliant burst of color, meant to be savored.

And that is just what we will do; savor it, taste it and bottle it up until next year.

So, is it just me? Or do you love autumn as much as I do?

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  1. Oh I LOVE favorite season of the year! I cannot wait until the crisp mornings get here, and he leaves start turning colors!


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