Friday, September 14, 2012

beauty on a Friday

The kids had their first week of school this week. But over the weekend we took them out to a little lake to hunt little frogs. Because nothing says welcome back to school like hundreds of tiny frogs.
It was a beautiful day, despite the frogs. It was beautiful because of the company and the time together. And then it was beautiful for the college football once we got home. We do enjoy that. I’ll spare you the pictures of us sprawled on the couch watching the game, or jumping up and down when things go right. You’re welcome.
And the kids did amazing for their first week, they had fun, they were all happy. And the I think the most beautiful sight is their three grinning faces waiting at the pick up gate. Also a beautiful thing? Me, at home, alone, all day. I won’t lie to you, it’s been a nice week. I’m sure in the next few weeks I’ll grow wearing of being home, but for now I’m content to take each day one at a time as I figure what, if anything, I should be doing during this season. Maybe it’s really nothing, just being a mom and reading and studying. And learning how to play the piano. Today I figured out how to play Happy Birthday. I felt like I had just composed a symphony.
What’s not beautiful? The amazing place where we found all those cute little froggies is now possibly ravaged by wildfire. The next day a lighting strike erupted into a huge and quickly spreading fire. We’ve been watching the smoke plumes all week billow high into the sky. Thankfully, we are far from the danger. But I feel for those who are close. I know it must be scary. I know it must hard to feel fearful to leave your house because of the hazardous air.  I think they only thing that is nice is that fires make for stunning sunsets.
And now, lighting is flashing outside and we are praying for no more fire and gearing up for a relaxing weekend. Which includes, off course, college football.
What are your plans this weekend? And….what’s beautiful in your world right now?

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  1. frogs are cute.

    home alone...all week long...i don't know what i'd do. this home schooling mama is kinda looking forward to that, while not looking forward to it at the same time.


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