Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Doing Less {and eating humble pie}

I have a new accessory. It's quite beautiful and stylish.

And it perfectly matches my gangster limp.

It's funny, how God does things. As the kids started school I began praying about what I should be doing in my newly found free time. I had ideas, let me tell you, lots of ideas. But the more I pondered, and prayed, and wondered, and daydreamed, the less I heard. It was as if God was whispering "do less."

I kind of, sort of, began sensing that. You know, it was really only in the back of mind. Not loud and clear but perceptible enought to sense it. Do you know what I mean?

Well, here's a few things I've learned since then:
  1. When you sense God speaking, even if it's just a whisper, you better act on it.
  2. If you roll your ankle on a run, don't keep running. And definitely don't run again a few days later, hoping to ignore away the pain.
  3. And finally, don't wait two weeks to see the doctor after you roll that ankle. You'll end up with a nasty sprain, exaggerated by your stubbornness and stern words from the doctor about patience.
Geesh-okay-I get it. I didn't listen to that gentle whisper, so God had to lay me out quite literally.

And now I sit here in a quiet and empty house with nothing to do but read and study and pray. And then crochet while I watch What Not to Wear. The housework is on hold and it's getting yucky around here. And grocery shopping? I'm really wishing for a grocery fairy right about now to bring me a few items that this family kind of needs. Like toilet paper.

But really, I'm trying my best to just be quiet before the Lord. Because even though I could sense him saying "Do less. Study, pray, read the Word," I still found my days filling up with the busy work of life. You know how your kids bring home busy work from school? It's only repetition of facts already learned or work just to fill the time. I was filling my days with busy work, housekeeping and errand running distractions.

Yesterday I was humbly reminded that doing less really is more. As I finished up the daily homework for Mercy Triumphs I read these words from Beth Moore:
Our doing may not always show up in physical activity. The initial act of obedience might just be waiting upon the Lord or setting our minds zealously upon his faithfulness.

Okay, I get it. Now my prayer is simply this: Help me to make the most of this down time. Literally down. And forgive me for not listening in the first place.

And, my darling husband, you were right. I am stubborn. I have many other fine qualities, now I will go eat humble pie. In the meantime, how about a piggy back ride up the stairs?


  1. haha. loved your ending. i wish i could be your grocery fairy. :) so sorry you are hurt. but i'm glad you are hearing God in the down time. all the chores can wait, and you can order pizza and chinese a few times. and yes, you do have many other fine qualities!

    1. I know you'd be a great grocery fairy, except I think I'd rather just sit and chat! Thank goodness I did some freezer cooking earlier this month!

  2. Friend, get better. You are wise to make the most of your literal downtime. Enjoy it. The cleaning and the groceries can wait. And all of this will make your family appreciate all that you normally do that probably goes unnoticed!

    I love that quote from Beth Moore. Man, I needed to read that today.

    I hope you'll be back on the roads soon but in the meantime say hello to Clinton and Stacy for me. We don't have TLC anymore and I cannot even tell you how much I miss it. : )

    1. Yes, we just got cable again after not for a very long time. I think that is really my most favorite show, I love watching the transformations. Especially when you can witness a heart transformation, I nearly cry over it every time!

  3. You and I have the same slippers... and the same injured ankle...and the same God who is making us do less.

    Btw- my ankle has been injured since March. I can be more stubborn than most. It's been throbbing so much this week that I'm thinking I will maybe call a doctor...maybe. My wrist and right arm are also injured. Stubborn I tell you. I can smell my humble pie cooling in the counter. God's standing there with the fork ready to hand it to me.

    "Our doing may not always show up in physical activity. The initial act of obedience might just be waiting upon the Lord or setting our minds zealously upon his faithfulness." God has been revealing this to me (as he's knocked me quiet literally off my feet). He's been revealing that my gifts are not in physical service, but in being in his word and prayer. And that these gifts are vital to the body of Christ.

    1. Man, wish we were closer-we could share pie!

      And you are stubborn! I can say this with authority as a stubborn girl myself. I miss my running, I miss my vacuumed floors; but I keep telling myself that a fully whole ankle is worth it.

      But this has been hard!

      Praying for you friend! And yep, maybe the doctor should see you now :)


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