Monday, September 24, 2012

Mercy Triumphs Week 2 {perfect gifts}

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Week one studying James did not disappoint, and well, week two was just the same. There were moments where my toes ached as Beth shared deep truth and insight from the book of James, my feet were stepped on and my heart was pricked more than once. But then, day five came in like a breath of fresh air. I’m sure many of us sighed a breath of sweet relief as we recalled all of God’s good and perfect gifts to us.
I was struck with the thought that God gives gifts with goals, they are perfect for us because they perfect us. Just refreshing my memory of all that God has given me brought me to a place of holy awe. Especially when I looked and saw all that he gave me during times of great struggle.
But perhaps what was the most encouraging to me was remember that God is not holding out on me over the things that I have not yet seen come to pass in my life. There is one thing in particular that I feel he’s had for me, that he’s been saying “I know something you don’t know” for quite a while. And I’ve been wondering when I will get to actually unwrap the gift that I’ve been sensing is coming. His gifts are perfect, but they are also timely. I can wait for them because I know that unwrapping them early and forcing their fruition in my life will actually abort God’s work.
Maybe God has given you a dream, a desire, a longing to do something specific but you have not been able to see how on earth it will work out. I have long felt that God has a place for me writing and speaking to other women. But I have yet to really see that come about, at least not like I envision it. I find comfort in the reminder that I will be unable to unwrap this gift fully at just the right time.
God really does have good gifts, but I believe we also need to be actively seeking him and pursuing his truth to grab a hold of them and see them released to their fullest potential in our lives. I hope it’s clear that I’m not talking about physical gifts here, but spiritual gifts. Gifts of wisdom and faith, favor with men, understanding, knowledge, discernment, teaching, preaching, exhorting and prophecy; all the good things that are listed as the gifts of the Spirit in 1 Corinthians 12.
All the gifts come from him, the Father of Lights, who does not change. That is praise worthy indeed!


  1. i'm glad you mentioned the "God's gifts are perfect because they perfect us"... i had almost forgotten that part of this week. the work that that Lord does in us is so complex and intricate and i am so thankful that His gifts to us make us His perfect creation.

  2. Great insight about God's gifts being perfect because they perfect us. That is so true, but I'd never thought of it like that before. Thanks for sharing!

  3. beautifully said Gina! (I responded on your comment on my blog too) Even writing the blog was a stretch for me bc his word speaks volumes.. how can I convey what I learned this week to readers? I love too how he molds our dreams and desires to what His are for us.. and IN HIS timing. Blessed by you this week!

  4. I just love what you said: "God gives gifts with goals, they are perfect for us because they perfect us." so profoundlly true. I need to tape this to my fridge!!


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