Friday, October 19, 2012

Beauty on a Friday: normal days

I am trying to remind myself that normal days are just as beautiful as the extra special days. So this is how the days have been going in my brain:

First I'll read and do some writing. Then I will have a cup of tea. After that I can put away breakfast dishes and work my way upstairs to move the laundry around. Then if I'm feeling really crazy, I might just read some more.

I will pray for my kids. I might just text mom. Then I'll watch What Not to Wear and do crunches and some upper body work, all in my jeans. Because if your foot is injured you have the luxury of "working out" in regular clothes because nothing you do works up a sweat.

And now it's like you're living in my head. You're welcome.

But I am remembering that this is temporary and I think back to my pregnancy bed rest days and how I could have appreciated that forced rest even more. I appreciate it now. Even if it wasn't my plan. 

And if it helps a girl's ankle to heal faster then it's worth it.

And now, since my prime photography candidates are in school all day and the dog is afraid of the camera, here is a bit of beauty from the last week or so.

All the cousins, from oldest to youngest.

Zac and I were invited to a black tie sixteenth birthday party, it was fancy and special and oh so fun. I even got to wear his Grandma's fur.

And I find a little girl raking a few leaves while wearing rollerblades quite funny.

Today was a candle kind of day, with the breeze blowing leaves around the rain drops. A perfect fall day for sitting home and doing, well, not much.

But I did get my hairs cut.

And in the midst of x-rays and physical therapy, it's been a beautiful week.


  1. a black tie 16 yr old birthday party sounds fun. you are so pretty.

  2. Just found your blog. I'm enjoying reading :)


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