Wednesday, October 24, 2012

hello Wednesday

Fall is in full swing.

And it has been cold, I have broken out the boots and tall socks and have a hot beverage near me at all times.

And yes, I match my nail polish to my coffee cup. This is my new favorite, Mink Muff by Essie.

My days have been quiet lately, and I really am feeling okay about that. The quiet has given me a chance to finish up the Beth Moore study on James. And I find myself going back, over and over, to what James has to say about suffering. And the comments that Beth makes about suffering. We go through trouble not just because God can't think of anything better to do. We go through them so that what he says about us will be proven true.

"He permits and sometimes even dictates difficulty for those in whom he boasts so that they will prove what he already knows is true. The Lord does not put us to tests that he knows in advance we don't have the wherewithal to pass. He boasts in his faithful followers then lets them prove him right....God knows how everything will turn out. And, for every single person who belongs to him, it turns out well."

I feel the truth about this, because I feel as though I'm living it. And I know that a sprained ankle and its recovery pale compared to what others are suffering, it's still my struggle and God still has something to do in me through it. Notice I said through it. He will see me through it. He may not instantly deliver me, but he will see me through. And on this blustery fall day with rain and snowflakes in the forecast I am so grateful for the reminder.

Do you have troubles? Take heart, he will see you through them. And we can be darn sure if he brought us to it, he knows how to take us thought it. Here's the tricky part though, we have to let him be God. A healthy dose of submission goes a long way here. But it's worth it, my friends, it's worth it.

And in other news I am planning. Planning out messages for Christmas time in our youth group. Here's a nice a bonus of being married to the youth pastor: he lets you speak whenever you want and whenever God gives you something to say. Because he knows that teaching those awesome young people is one of your favorite things to do.

I'm also planning, at least just in my brain, how to successfully allow the girls to continue sharing a room where space feels tight and some white space is needed. We are brainstorming all options here, as long as we have one bedroom still available for guests. You're welcome, Mom.

And lastly, I'm planning crochet projects for Christmas. Because it's only 9 weeks away. And because the half an hour I spend waiting in the school pick up line each day is a perfect chance to stitch away.

And so, happy Wednesday to you. Be encouraged in your struggles and wear cute boots. It's the best way to face the blustery things that come our way.


  1. Love this post. And that polish. And definitely cute boots. : ) Happy Fall--get well, embrace rest, and keep sipping toasty beverages. : )

  2. we go "through the trials so that what God says about us will be proven true. *love*

    like Job, right. God proving that what He said about him is true. "Blessed be the name of the LORD." so much easier though when we're not going through it.

    i'm glad God is allowing you to go through your current struggle. I see He readied your heart for this word from Beth from Him, to be an encouragement to others.

    i see a bit this week why God has been readying my heart to be tender, too. "Blessed be the Name of the LORD."


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