Monday, October 15, 2012

mercy triumphs {week five} on resting

"In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength."
Isaiah 30:15

I was reminded this week that friendship with God and friendship with the world do not go together. And if am not actively seeking the one, I will default to the other. Since the kids started school I have realized that God is placing me in a quiet season, one of doing less and resting. After ten years of children at home, and four of those homeschooling, I guess a bit of resting is in order. But, oh, how I have been resisting that rest. It's not because I don't want to be friends with God and grow closer to him, it's simply because I get busy and let other things creep in. And I know most of you might be tired of hearing about my ankle, I know I'm certainly tired of talking about it, but I know he has allowed this injury at this time to do something deeper in me. Because it's not really about the ankle, it's about submitting to God. James bluntly says it: submit to God, draw near to God, humble yourself before God. And in that process I must remember "If it's under God, it's in order." He has his strong hand in all that I go through.
"This life cannot be properly understood without considering the spiritual realm, a realm that impinges on and ultimately determines the material realm in which we live day to day."
(Moo, The Letter of James)
God looks at my unique situation and weaves every part of it together. The beginning, the middle and the unseen end all serve a purpose and my role is to submit to God and obey. I can do that confidently because he alone knows what is best.

In this season he wants to put me back together, after years of pouring out he wants to fill me back up. And I don't find it one bit ironic that he is using physical brokenness to remake my heart. Because that is how God operates, completely opposite of what we expect. And he does that because he knows my human nature, that I am more apt to do and less likely to be. If it takes sitting more to heal my
ankle, I know that God will use that time to make my heart his own. That is where I choose to submit. And that is where I make a decision to trust.

Whether its a busted foot, or broken car, or a lost job, or a fractured relationship, God wants to display his best in out lives. Our submission in those areas might be hard, buy his ways are always the best.


  1. thank you for sharing Gina. i pray you find refreshment in this season of rest! it is such a good reminder to hear it from another woman... it is ok to rest. i go go go way too much.

  2. I am in a similar season and pray will complete the good work in you that He has begun.

  3. So true! Friendship with the world and friendship with God....

  4. i'm not tired of hearing about your ankle at all. all your words are exactly what i NEED to hear. this is exactly what God has been wanting to do with me... i've been resisting.

    i too am more likely "to do than to be."
    but he has been making me "be" for a very long time, and i envy everyone that gets to do. i'm struggling with that.

    thank you for "being" with me today. for "sitting" beside me, and "getting" it. The Spirit in you is what I needed today.

  5. Amen! "If its under God, it's in order." So right and so needed to be said.


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