Saturday, November 3, 2012

Beauty on a Friday: intentional gratitude

It's Friday again, and here I am posting about beauty, just like every other Friday. It started as a way for me to pause and notice the beauty in the mundane, glimpses of glory in everyday life. But it has become a way for me to capture gratitude.

And so it seems fitting to continue on this month. Although I firmly believe gratitude should be a daily event all year long, I love that we get an entire month devoted to it. And I believe it is no accident that Thanksgiving falls before the Christmas holiday. It seems a fitting preparation, a heart focused on gratitude is fully ready to receive the greatest gift of all: grace and redemption delivered in the package of God made flesh.

I love Christmas just as much; okay, maybe more, than the next girl. But I don't want to zip right past intentional gratitude. So, even though you just might be seeing more about Christmas around here, I'm still focusing on a grateful heart.

So this week is all about personal gratitudes, things that enrich my little world.

I love these two new hair products that I just picked up. The first is called Ren Cleansing Conditioner. Since I don't use shampoo on my curls, this has become instant love. It cleans wonderfully and moisturizes like a champ. After I cleanse I spray on the Moraccan oil and my curls have never been happier. I also spray the oil into my daughter's fine, always tangled hair, it keeps it smooth and eliminates the frizzy.

And then there's this girl. I adore her. And I adore having friends who gift me with clothes when they're done with them, clothes like this great cranberry top.

Finally, the view from our daily walk and the best walking partner ever.

And now it's your turn, what are you grateful for?

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  1. i started to share what i was thankful for each day in november because i need to... and then i started feeling all unthankful and grumpy and stopped sharing...which means i should be sharing...blah.

    i like free clothes.
    my sister use to give them to me. she should start doing that again.

    i like you.

    today i am thankful for...
    a day warm enough for clothes on the clothes line.
    a walk (a walk my ankle survived)
    food in the fridge and freezer.


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