Monday, November 12, 2012

but first, Thanksgiving

I can hardly believe Thanksgiving is next week. This month, this season, has sped by far too fast. I blame it on travel, there has been too much of that on my part this month. And I blame it on the crazy school adjustment. It seriously has felt like, blink, look back, and then it's gone.

And as my thoughts turned toward Thanksgiving today I began to think of Christmas too. I thought of decorating, getting the house ready, and shopping and lists. I'm pretty sure that in the process my blood pressure ticked up a few notches. I was moments away from full on tizzy when something sprung loose inside; it was the reminder to be thankful. Especially today, as we observe Veteran's day. This is a day that should be marked with gratitude. And this week is one in which to pause, with a grateful heart.

It seems fitting that we focus on gratitudes and thankfulness before Christmas comes. I think God knew that we would need to be filled up with grateful hearts to prepare for the crazy that the Christmas season has become. It's a season that seems to have veered so far from what God intended, a season that focuses on consuming, getting, shopping, buying, and doing. I want it to be different at my house. To get there I will focus on thanksgiving first. Not thanksgiving the day, but thanksgiving the attitude. Because it all starts with that.

Yes, even though I'm listening to Christmas music and digging through the Christmas decorations. Yes, even though I'm planning shopping for the kids. Yes, even though my thoughts are turned toward to glitter and tinsel and sugar cookies. Because thanksgiving is not just for November 22. It's for every other day as well.

As much as I love Christmas, I don't want to be so carried away with it that I miss Thanksgiving.

What do you do to prepare your heart for Thanksgiving?

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  1. thanksgiving is an attitude i NEED to have, too, and especially as we enter the Christmas season.


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