Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday: Christmas Party Planning and Saying No

It is the first Monday of the Christmas season and I'm planning. We're just back from a week in the warm California sunshine with my family, the laundry is all done, the pie has been all gobbled up and the kids were back to school this morning.

And like visions of sugarplums, I'm dreaming of Christmas parties and place settings and menus. Because that's what my brain naturally does this time of year. And so I've been collecting inspiration.



I have dreams of vintage, mix matched china. I see visions of sparkling candles and soft flowers with evergreen sprigs. And I'm thinking of parties like a neighborhood dessert and gingerbread decorating night.

And in the middle of that were dealing with school issues, again. Same kid and different issue, it's been hard for her to be in first grade. Too hard. I think I'd just rather have Christmas parties than deal with this. Being a parent is tough.

In other news, I've got the go ahead to run at the first of the month. I don't know if it's irony, or God's sense of humor that I have been cleared to run in December. I guess he really did want to take a long break from this. And I'm finally okay with it.

And finally I'm compiling advent ideas and gift lists and being okay with not doing a Christmas card this year. I'm practicing saying no to the extras this season so that I can spend more time just being. Because every no to one thing is a yes to another, more important thing. And that's a really big way to eliminate extra stress this season. I guess we are planning doing Christmas with less this year. Less fuss, less stress, less buying. And that's why I can't stop thinking of hosting get togethers and parties. Because I just simply want to be with the people I love this season. I don't want to go on a mad shopping spree. Though I know we'll do stuff for the kids. I don't want to over commit and end up cranky, because this girl easily does cranky when she's overwhelmed.

Side note here, so sorry to my family for dealing with my cranky overwhelmed self today. Second side note, thank you dear husband for patience and for painting that wall that's been driving me crazy. 

Back to Christmas, I just want it to be simple. Even in the small amount of Christmas decorations that I've put up. (More on that later, I bet. If I feel like it.)

And now it's time for some peppermint tea with my feet up, this Monday has taken it out of me.

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  1. hi gina! yeah for the go ahead on running. hello december weather.

    i like your christmas plans- more people, less fuss.
    i think the Savior would agree that is the perfect way to celebrate His coming.


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