Wednesday, November 14, 2012

One Thing: How to Start Your Day Right

The hour is early and the morning is cold. With bleary eyes and sleepy hands I pour the coffee, I watch the dark contrast between white cups and black brew. I add the cream, stir in sweetener and think of the day. There are many things on my plate today, it is full before my feet hit the floor in the darkness.

I mentally begin planning and am reminded, "only one thing is required." I know that one thing, the most important thing.

And so I go. I climb the stairs and tiptoe past the soft breaths of sleeping children, whisper past the stirrings of a waking up husband. I find my place and sit, I breath deep of the spirit that my soul so desperately needs.

Only one thing is required. The words were spoke to a busy woman over 2000 years ago but are just as freshly spoken to me today. The day might ask for many things of us, but there is only one thing that is needed. Time at the feet of Jesus puts it all in perspective. So I sit in the quiet and find my to do list diminished to that one thing.

And when the day gets busy and I find myself spinning faster than a top I will remember this whisper, only one thing is needed.

It's the only answer that is always right. When I'm worn out, when I'm busy, when I'm afraid, when I'm worried, when I'm happy, when I'm singing songs of high praise; only one thing is required.

We must seek that one thing in the stillness, in the busy, in every season. It is the one thing that changes everything.


  1. Amen! I ask myself often, why do I skip the thing (who) will help me most? In my busyness I often neglect "this one thing".

    Grace and peace

  2. too often i walk away from that whisper and toward everything that is screaming and nagging for my attention.

    i KNOW why i must follow the Whisperers leading, because like you i too need to "breath deep the Spirit that my soul so desperately needs."

    thank you, gina.


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