Friday, December 21, 2012

Fancy and Celebrating

Four days people, four more days! Are you not super excited!?! We are in full prep mode. And full enjoy mode.

The girls stayed home from school on Wednesday to make cookies.

And thank goodness, Christmas break begins today. It's about time.

 In the meantime I have been thinking of fancy. I have been thinking of how short life is, and fragile. We don't really know how long we have. So we should enjoy it.

So we get fancy for Christmas. And then we dress up the dog.

Oh, he doesn't look very smart. Let's try again.

Because he's afraid of cameras we bribe him with treats. It's all we can do. I made him a bow tie with a little tutorial I found, with an old shirt and no sewing. He's so handsome. And it was so easy.

But also, in this season we are also facing a measure of heartache. We have a family member facing a hard diagnosis. It's the C word. And it can shake you. But we remain confident that we will see God's goodness. I think it is fitting to welcome Christmas in the midst of dissapointment. I wonder at Mary and Jospeh, how confused they must have been. And then how dissappointed. They went from the joys of wedding planning and starting a life together to shocking news. There was a holy conception and their lives were changed. Christmas is for all of us, but I think it settles more on those who are facing heartache and loss and dissapointment. That is where Jesus was birthed, and that is where he wants be revealed in us. So we can take our sorrows and add to them joy, so we can fully know and experience the peace of his coming.

In the silence of the last week I have been processing and thinking. And of course, like anyone else I have been busy. But sometimes there are no words. In the throes of tragedy and confusion it seems like a silent night is the perfect thing. I have been practicing that. And then I have also been celebrating. Celebrating life as it is right now. Because it is good. We use the good dishes, dress up even though we're just staying in, dust off that fancy perfume, dance in the living room, hug tighter, linger longer, revel in this moment. This right here, right now moment, when heaven and earth collide; and even though it is confusing and nothing like we expect we know that it is good because God is good.

He is, yes he is. And this Christmas season I have often found myself sitting and embracing that truth. We don't have to have the answers. We just need Jesus.

Joy to the world, The Lord has come.

Prepare him room.

Receive your King.

He is Emmanuel, God with us, not with us depending on how we feel or act, but just simply with us.

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