Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Keeping it Simple (Christmas Decorating)

It's done. I'm calling it. It is the tree and all things relating to Christmas decorating.

About a week before Thanksgiving I lugged out the Christmas boxes, always feeling justified in decorating early because we typically travel during Thanksgiving. Well, at least dinner is never at our house so I figure I might as well get a jump on Christmas. Except this year when I opened all the boxes all I could say was "meh." Or "ugh." Or something else that means "I am completely overwhelmed with everything I see in these boxes and I think I better just quit while I'm ahead." So I did.

I made a hasty decision. If it was white or silver, or better yet, white or silver with glitter, it could come inside the house. Everything else will stay tucked away for another year. It was completely liberating to give myself those limitations. And with that guideline I decorated like a woman set free.

It seems like every year I fight the battle of being content with what I have. And I think, I just think, maybe I've finally won. Or I just don't care. But I can honestly say that I'm truly okay with all that we have to decorate this year. I don't feel this self imposed pressure to make a hundred new crafts. I don't feel compelled to shop a bunch, or at all. I'm just plain happy with what is there. And that's saying a lot, seeing that I can't find our stockings anywhere. But because I've never been known to shy away from glitter, adding in silver and sparkle makes me happy. My husband would say I'm theming our Christmas to match my hair. And maybe he's right. But maybe it's as much about being happy with where I am in life as anything else, I guess that comes with maturity (or aging).

It is the Christmas of simple; simple gatherings, simple decorating, and simple gifts. I did make a wreath the other day, and I did buy some mercury glass pillar holders, but I think that will do. And because I will be doing less decorating I will have more time to sip hot chocolate by the colored lights on our tree. I will be drinking in silent nights and breathing out sighs of relief. It seems the way to be this year. If your thing is crafty projects and decorations everywhere, that is just fine. But the thing is to keep so that you don't serve the thing, it serves you. In years past I've gone decorator crazy, and I probably will do it again in years to come. But this year for me it's different. It will be a quiet night for my soul.


  1. as much as i'm already on this same page, i needed your inspiration in terms of the decorating. the kids half "decorated" the tree and i use that term loosely. i let them get out way too much stuff too soon. then there are about 8 giant boxes of Christmas hodge podge littering the garage that are overwhelming me too. thanks for the idea of limiting somehow. i think i too could "not care" about the rest. yes, maturing is a good thing.

    1. It is encouraging to know that I'm not the only one overwhelmed by the garage. And I even got rid of some Christmas stuff last year!

      And yay for maturity, it's not getting older, it's getter better-right? ;)

  2. Your comment on my Cmas blog post: "My biggest Christmas wish is a freakishly huge snowstorm that leaves us all bundled up at home, with nothing to do but be together."

    Oh my goodness! YES!!!! How funny that you said that because that is just how I feel!!! I am letting go of so many ridiculous expectations this year. I just don't want to carry them anymore. :)


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