Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sabbath on a Thursday

His beginnings were simple, humble. I'm sure his arrival was not marked by elaborate birth plans and a beautifully decorated nursery. He came, and as the labor pains became undeniable and impossible to ignore, he quietly slipped into our world.

His beginnings were so simple. Why do we have to make things so complicated?

And here is where I tell you, from my leather chair, in front of the wonky Christmas tree, with soft music in the background, that I've had enough. Enough with the big fuss, encough with the complicated, over planning and over doing. It's Christmas for goodness sakes. I don't know why we wear our busy lives like a badge of honor, "oh you're so busy, oh I'm so busy....let's chat later when we're not so busy." Really? Why do we fill up our lives with the fluffy stuff, only to neglect the deep down important soul stuff? So I'm busy decorating, planning, whatever. But have I prayed? Have I connected with God today? This week? This is where I plan to put up a "closed for the season" sign. Closed on the busy life of trying too hard and doing too much and leaving no time for the soul filling essentials. Especially at Christmas, though just as important every other season of the year.

If I'm harsh, it's because I yell at myself more than anything. I allow my schedule to fill up with so many things, good things, but so many. And I wonder why I feel as though I'm about to internally combust. This girl needs a Sabbath.

But in the middle of the striving there is grace. Like a toddler who finally gives up resisting that nap, I can sink deep into the arms of grace. Quit my flailing, quit my running, quit my busy. If only for a day.

Come to me, all who are weary and I will give you rest.
The weary world rejoices.

There is hope for the worn out soul, but the worn out soul needs to make a move towards rest. Clear the schedule. Hang out the do not disturb sign. And then breath in grace, deep and free and full of peace. I cannot experience the peace on Earth that Jesus brought if I don't purue the peace giver. And I cannot pursue the peace giver if I don't make room in my life for it.

So as the dog snores softly beside me, and the music plays, and the whipped cream melts into my coffee I rest. And I sit. There's no shame there. It's a necessity. Take that Sabbath, even if comes on a Thursday. Take that rest. Those obligations and lists will still be there when you're done. But for now all is calm, and my outlook is bright.


  1. i like your wonky tree, and the wash bucket it is in.

    i dislike prideful busy-ness. i try not to be that anymore.

    i NEED sabbath moments, and grab everyone i can get my hands on (i wish i could curl up on the couch beside you under that quilt, and enjoy one with YOU).

    thanks for reminding me to sabbath this Christmas season.


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