Friday, December 14, 2012

Simple, Easy Christmas {decorating}

In the goal of keeping it simple this year, I have kept it simple. I didn't pull out every Christmas decoration I had. I didn't put Christmas everywhere.

And I only spent about 20 bucks for candles and lights. More on that later.

So when I began digging through the Christmas boxes I found lots of stuff that I loved. But I also found myself lots of overwhelmed. Like, ready to cry. Really. I just kept thinking about why I have to make it so complicated. I just really wanted this Christmas to be easy, keeping the focus on the things that truly matter.

So I decided that I would just bring in whatever was white or silver. If those white and silver things just happened to be festooned in glitter, even better. But you know this. And I kept thinking that once the tree made it in the house it would look like Christmas threw up anyway.

So I did a little here and there around the house and waited for the grand Christmas tree excursion. You know, out to the woods to find angels singing over our perfect tree. Clark Giswold style.

We got the tree home and I was dismayed to discover that of all our white lights we had only one and one half strands were working. Ugh. That is not simple. But I did have to go grocery shopping. List in hand and fingers crossed, I set out. At the store all the lights were 40% off. Score! But at the store, all the lights were colored. Ugh, again. I don't have anything against colored lights, but they just weren't fitting in with white, silver and simple. I didn't know what to do so I called my husband.

And being the ever practical man that he is he said, just buy the colored.

Well, okay. But.

But going out in our small town with just a few stores to choose from to find enough white lights seemed exhausting. I know, I'm a big baby. So I bought the colored lights. And the children screamed with glee.

And so the simple, mostly silver, mostly white, with a splash of color Christmas was born. It's all good.

In fact, it's beautiful.

And looking back, I'm really grateful for that overwhelmed feeling because I think if there were lots of colors plus colored lights I would feel like I was living in a circus. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


I'm just grateful for simple, with a splash of color.

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  1. My kids love colored lights too and I've come to love them. We do the big vintage colored lights outside on our front porch and around our red front door. I have colorful ornaments around the door's wreath with a happy, red polka dot ribbon. I love it and it makes me smile. Thank God for my children who help me keep Christmas fun!

  2. your tree looks really darling.

    we live in a small town, too, with just a handful of stores to choose from. it's times like these that i envy those with a target near by.

    merry merry!


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