Saturday, December 8, 2012

Simplifying Christmas Cards

Do you send out Christmas cards? I have to admit that some years I rebel, I don't do it and I'm good with that. And then there was that one year that I hastily ordered them only to discover that I had spelled my last name wrong once I got them. That was an epic Christmas card failure.

But in the middle of it, I wonder why. For our family we work to do Christmas on purpose. To intentionally keep the main thing the the main thing, we want our focus to be on the reasons we celebrate. We want Christ truly at the center. So when a card can help us do that I'm all up for it. Because I want the folks who receive my cards to feel blessed. Not just say, how cute.

That's why I love Tiny Prints. Their holiday cards are simple to order and they simply and beautifully reflect the meaning of the season.


A Christmas card with one of my favorite Christmas carols? Yes please!

Or this one; simple and unfussy?

I think the most fun is that back of the card is printed as well. Because let's be honest here, who wants a naked backside?

And this one is just plain fun, but still so simple.

And this? I love that font, but really I just want to squeeze this gals cheeks and give her a candy cane, is she not the most adorable? But, check out the it!

And maybe the best part? They offer super rush delivery, in case you might tend to procrastinate. Or spell your last name wrong and have to get new ones. Ahem. Just saying.

Go check them out, order some beautiful cards, and then be glad you kept it simple and didn't have to leave the house to do it.

Do you send Christmas cards, letters, or... something? I have a family friend who always put confetti and sparkly things in the envelopes of the cards she sent. It was like a party in a card. And that was fun too.


  1. very cute.

    until last year we ALWAYS sent christmas cards. my husband and i would work together to create something snazzy in photoshop every year. Last year we realized though that with all our other obligations it was too much to get them out, soooo we sent out a ground hog's day card. that is our plan from here on out!

  2. I love it! Nothing wrong with that :)


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