Monday, January 21, 2013

be present

Today we will roll with it. The plan was for writing and working in and amongst the kids, in the middle of the noise and them home and everything else.

But their actions speak to bigger needs. Needs of time together, needs of play and creativity that won't wait for a mother's perfect idea of time. So this mother will adjust and flex and remember that the young years are just a blink, then they are gone. They give way to older things, children with a wider orbit, away from this house, away from this mom. So today, on this very special today, I will engage.

I never know everything that the day has in store, I only know to hold my plans loosely. I trust my own ideas to the one who stands outside of time with full knowledge of what I need to do, and an even better of idea of what I have to do. So when I feel like I need to do this work, I need to write these words; I remember that the things I often feel I have to do are really not that necessary after all.

The most important thing I can do today is be present, right in the moments that God gives me. The moments of crafts and reading and being family together in this small space, in this small amount of time.

Tomorrow comes and they will go off, off to bigger adventures and grander places. In the quiet of their leaving I will work. And I will miss the todays, I will miss the right nows of 6, 8, and 9. Because in a moment, just a blink, the todays will be filled with 16, 18, and 19. Even though we always enjoy the moments of today, we are ever nostalgic for the moments of yesterday. Even when those moments include changes in plans, changes in ideas, changes in schedule.

Motherhood doesn't come with an instruction book, but it provides an immeasurable amount of on the job training. Today's lesson? Be present, be all there with them, those three who have been given as gifts and as lessons. Be present even when the have to do's are begging for my attention, even when distraction comes knocking on the door. Be present, even when ministry fills your house with teenagers and work leaves you with unfinished tasks. Be present in the great gift of right now. We never get to live the day over again. And aren't you grateful for that? That is what makes right now the best ever.

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  1. motherhood definitely teaches us to NEVER hold our own plans too tightly. your children are cuties!


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