Monday, January 14, 2013

domestic comfort

It's Monday. It had a rough start. The kids overslept. One just could not shake the groggies and spent the morning with her head on the floor and her rear in the air, emphatically stating that she didn't want to go to school. The best part was her crazy big hair, hair that can only come from sleeping in a cardboard box. My only regret was not taking a picture. And no, I am not making this up. And no, we are not crazy parents who force their kids to sleep in boxes. Really. I promise. And, since you now have visions of a six year sleeping in a shoe box I need to let you know it was actually a water heater box. With windows cut in. You know, proper airflow. She liked it so much she's sleeping there again.
But, by the time we rolled up to the front of the school I felt like one of those moms. I don't even know what that means. I always feel that way when I am feeling inferior as a parent. Which is only natural when the kids spill out of the van, late, with crazy hair that no brush can tame and Mac and Cheese on their chin because it was the only way we could get her moving to get off to school and I'm sure if we didn't offer Mac and Cheese she would still be laying on the floor with her back end sky high. Phew.

After that rough start I had to console myself with happy things around my house. And a coffee date with Zac. Both brightened my day considerably.

The new year always makes me want to clean and redo. So I've been puttering around the house.

I hung an old forestry map from Zac's college days above the bed.

I moved dressers around over the weekend and finally got things all put back together.

I dug out the old crochet hooks and thread from Grandma.
And I recently cleaned the library and made a cozy little workplace. It gets the afternoon sun and has become the place to go when I need to write and read. And maybe snooze.
And I reviewed the book stack and realized that I've got stuff to take back to the library and other stuff on hold just waiting for me to pick up. This year I actually made a reading list along with my goals. I have never done that. Ever. I think it'll be a good reading year. My only problem now? I don't have enough fun books. Fun as in light reading like Bossypants or some fiction piece that I can read at the end of the day and not have to remember or analyze or ponder. I need a few things I can just enjoy. That is my Tuesday mission. Lord willing, we will have a better start and a successful library stop.
Soooooo, how do you turn around a rough day? And...more importantly, what fun books are you reading?

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  1. you've added some fun touches to your home!

    your daughter and josie are cut from the same silly cloth. i should photograph the places and ways my girl sleeps. we are entertained by her NIGHTLY!

    i like to switch things up this time of year, too.
    i painted the inside of our front door RED last saturday (blog coming).

    your reading list mixed with tina is PERFECT!


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