Friday, January 11, 2013

when your plans get changed

Yesterday was going to be the day. After a very long and unplanned running break (remember the ankle sprain of 2012?) I was all set to get going.

A week ago I made a deal with God, which reminded of something: don't make deals with God. He always wins. So this deal, if he wanted me to run he would give me bare pavement. It seemed reasonable, it had been snowy. Ok, really snowy. Snowy like I've never seen before, and what is weird is that it stuck around much longer than it ever does. That was great for Christmas and winter break. But for outdoor sports enthusiasts, with the exception of skiers, this was not so good. New bikes, given as gifts on Christmas morning, sat untouched in the garage. Running clothes that used to fit suddenly shrunk as they sat in the back of dresser drawers. You can see the weather has caused much hardship around here. Anyway, because of the injury and the strong desire I have for self preservation I decided I wouldn't risk death or landing on my bum due to slipping on ice. So bare pavement was the new thing. And I waited. A couple of freakishly warm days early this week were all that we needed to thaw out. So yesterday I morning I thanked God for dry, bare pavement, put on my running bra (and the rest of my running gear) and planned to set out. The kids got off to school and I took a few minutes to write. You can see where this is going, right?

I was blissfully being creative when something caught my eye out the upstairs window. It was hard to make out from the gray skies, but it seemed as if something white and fluffy was flying past my window. That white and fluffy stuff few past the window for hours. Really. I suppose that God does not want me to run just yet. And that is why I guess I won't try to make deals with God. Or maybe, above all else, I will remember that I need to hold my plans loosely.

I can't be too rigid in life. I can plan all I want, and even prepare all I want . I mean I wore running clothes all day long. Have you ever worn a running bra all stinking day? I can see why corsets went out of style ages ago.

But, my plans are nothing compared to God's plans.

So yesterday I readjusted. Well first, I changed my clothes. And then I set out with the dog. It was kind of irresistible, snowy and still. And I think there is nothing like being the first one to walk on fresh powder, making your own tracks.

Even though the plan was not my own, I choose to be grateful for His plan. It's way better than mine anyway. Maybe I won't run again for a while, maybe I'll forever trade my Asics for a yoga mat. I suppose that would be just fine, it's not my plan it's God's. I laughed about it later with my husband, all he had to say about it was, "snowiest winter on record, all because one crazy lady made a deal with God." It could happen, and if it does two things: I'm sorry local folks who abhor snow. Maybe this wasn't the best place to settle down. Also, I always end up liking God's plans the best.

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  1. I love this. Maybe it's all to allow that ankle to strengthen a little bit more. I wrote on this same topic once--my plans, a snow storm in Georgia. God has a sense of humor. I realized that only God can make a day and I'd do well to seek His agenda first rather than my own.Blessings.


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