Friday, January 18, 2013

wonderful you

Hey you!

Yes, you. Wonderful you.

The you who made it through another week.

The you who wiped noses. The you who changed diapers. The you who balanced the budget.

You're the ones on the front lines of this splendid thing called life. You showed up and just by being present you made a difference. You're the ones who stand guard as kids are dropped off at school. You're the ones who made tough calls over misbehaving children. You; you wonderful women who loved your husbands, took care of your little ones, bought the groceries, cooked dinner, mopped the floor, and somehow fit in jobs and work and all those other grown up responsibilities.

You might feel that what you've done is insignificant, but remember that the little things really do add up to big things. You were there to serve cookies when the kids came home from school, you were there for goodnight kisses. You were there for the one who was sad, or lonely, or just needed a hug.

And you are wonderful because of it. Never think that the simple act of motherhood, or of being a wife, or a friend, or a sister, or a daughter is something that does not matter. Because it does, in huge ways.

At the end of the week, I am so grateful for the women who were there, who take care of us as we take of others. I pray you enjoyed it, the simple pleasure of this crazy and wonderful thing called life. And if it was rough, that's okay. The sun will come up tomorrow and give us all another chance.

Have a wonderful weekend friends.


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