Friday, February 22, 2013

in influenza and in health

This week I have been busy. I have nursed a sick husband. I have made lots of soup. We picked out new lights for our kitchen. We continued to wait for countertop samples from the tile store. I took the kids to school, I picked them up and then tried to keep them from eating every speck of food in the house the moment they walked in the door. I spent a day in two fun classrooms, grading papers and reading stories. I ran. I spoke at youth group. And then, I continued to take care of a sick husband. Because we're pretty sure it must have been the plague that he had.

Just kidding. But it was pretty bad.

And I would be lying to you if I said that I did that all with love and gentleness and patience. Because I didn't.

This week I also worked on getting a better attitude.

Marriage is funny. You take two grown people and make them to live together, and then they have to share everything. This is mostly a good thing, and it's even fun most of the time. Except when it comes to germs. And when germs gets the best of one of those people, the other is left holding down the fort. Sometimes that person gets a bit grumpy.

We vowed in sickness and in health and we meant it. But the funny thing is that I usually equate loving, honoring, and cherishing in sickness to apply only to big deal sickness, like cancer or something. We forget sometimes that those vows are not just for special occasions, they are to be lived out every single day.

So I have something else to add to my list week. This week I will apologize for my grumpy care taking.

Marriage is this crazy place where you share everything. We experience the good and and the bad, along with the sneezing and coughing and constant nose blowing. And in all of it we have to make a daily choice, a choice to die to ourselves and lovingly serve the other. Not just because we promised too, though that's part of it. We do it because marriage is at its best when we do. And there really is joy in placing others before yourself. Clearly, I need to get better at this. And so marriage is also like always looking in a mirror and seeing all your flaws comes magnified ten times. It shows us where we need to grow up, everyday.

I will end this week with love and grace. And I will intentionally show kindness to my husband. Even when he accidentally sneezes all over me.

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