Monday, February 4, 2013

the battle rages { Super Bowl commercials}

I had great big old grand words for ya'all today. I was going to edit them, I really was and then the weekend came with a furry. The kids were at the grandparents and we spent two evenings crowded with teenagers. Then it was Groundhog's day. And of course you have to watch Groundhog's Day on Groundhog's day. So we watched that and I put up some Valentine's love around the house before the kids got home.

Then the Superbowl nearly sucked the life out of me. I sort of watched, with one eye while doing other things. The kids and Zac were at church watching with everyone there. Zac's job? Censor the commercials. Good God Almighty, did you see the commercials? Did you want a mental eraser for the images seared in your brains of those commercials? I know there were some that were totally tame and fine. The Clydesdale one comes to mind, that one brought me to tears. But then it was a beer commercial.

But, well, I have no words for the rest. My family came home around half time, and no, we didn't watch that. We played games while the game played in the background until we noticed all three kids staring, slack jawed at the tv. We managed to get out the family code, look up! But then the kids were all wondering why that guy had to get his t-shirt off a sleeping girl with her backside falling out of her underthings. As my son was looking was up he said, "that is weird." We moved on, played our game. But I felt as though our safe haven had been assaulted. We prayed under our breath for Holy Spirit amnesia, something like the flashy thing that the Men in Black use.

Last night I was reminded of my parental mandate to be ever vigilant, ever ready, ever on guard. Because that enemy, he still prowls. And many people have quietly looked away as he does. But we
have a mandate, a job. We are the ones who say "Not in my house! Not in my living room! Not with
my kids!" That is our battle cry, that is our standard, that is our anthem. We stand tall and say a loud and resounding no to an enemy that wants to use the oversexed world to get to our kids. We say no to his schemes and fight hard, battle gear on and sword in hand. Because the battle? It rages. And as parents our role is to fight. We fight and then shelter our little warriors from the onslaught. We hedge them in with prayer and teachings of godly wisdom and biblical values. They won't get it from that loud world out there, they will get right here within these four walls. We will fight our battles around kitchen tables and in the quiet of the night while our little ones are sleeping. We will fight and we will pray, and darn it, I think we won't be watching that football spectacle anymore.

Because sometimes you just have to say, "enough is enough." So we soldier on, and when it gets rough we remember that we never fight alone.


  1. "Holy spirit amnesia," oh how i would like some of that for each one of us.
    i'm glad your sons response, was "that was weird." i pray IT ALWAYS IS.
    our jr. high and high schooler just finished a song of solomon series with their youth group. i'm grateful for leaders who support and encourage biblical values, the same ones we train our children in at home. i'm grateful for blog friends who share the same heart, and for the dent we and our children will make in our culture.

    1. I do pray we make a dent, I pray to raise brave kids who stand for what is right and godly, even when it goes contrary to popular culture.

      I am grateful for blog friends like you, grateful that we aren't alone in this battle.


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