Saturday, February 16, 2013

when love comes before romance

Sometimes love looks different. In 14 years of marriage, my Valentine's days have not ever looked the same. It's partly my husband's fault for deciding to be born the day before Valentine's day. But practicality takes a big part of the blame as well. Sometimes, in the middle of birthdays and tight budgets and babies, celebrating Valentine's becomes a little bit of an after thought.

But sometimes we have to be realistic and let love come before romance.

This year love looked spending Valentine's Day chaperoning our son's snow shoe field trip. And so that meant family dinner at the end of the day and two grown ups crashed on the couch by the time The Office was over.

This year love looked like allowing my husband to call the shots and have his birthday his
way. This is also the year that he has celebrated his birthday for an entire week. And, for the record I'm perfectly fine with that.

Love, true love, is putting the needs and desires of another before your own. True love is sacrificial.

True love does make room for romance, but true love also sometimes asks you to lay down your ideas of romance at the alter of self sacrifice. Because love always puts others first.
And after 14 years of doing this whole marriage thing I've realized that with true love there are really no losers. I lay down my agenda, and I know he does the same for me. It's not a thing where I give up my plans because I know I'll get something in return. Well, sometimes it is. Honestly, it's a lot easier to have him take off the with the guys all day on a Saturday knowing I'll get some me time in exchange. But the point is that making that choice isn't a burden. Or at least it shouldn't be. I bless him as he goes with a smile and a kiss, and I know that he'll come home a happy guy. And in blessing him I receive a blessing as well.

True love, the kind that lasts, is okay when there aren't sexy fireworks all the time. Because true love knows that they will happen. And true love, the kind you wait for, is okay with the changes that come as life goes along.

True love sends you flowers during your weekly Starbucks girlfriend time.

True love takes you out to dinner and asks you how you've been.

True love wants to know what makes you laugh.

True love leaves naughty notes under the dinner plate.

I'm grateful for that true love, thelove that sure enjoys romance but is okay when things don't turn out that romantic.

And also, I'm grateful true love does the dirty jobs like pick dog stuff in the yard and cleaning out the mini van. Because love is practical too.

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